Air source heat pump problems in daily use

Air source heat pump is a long lifetime product, But after 3 or 5 years using, it may get some problems, here we’d like to share some solutions to solve the problem.

1. Air source heat pump does not heat?

Possible reason 1: No refrigerant in system or he refrigerant leak.

If the refrigerant is insufficient, and the air source heat pump will not heat. At this time, the refrigerant needs to be supplemented in time to ensure the normal operation of the air to water heat pump water heater.

Possible reason 2: The voltage is too low

All the home appliance must work in a certain electricity voltage range, and air source heat pump also need work in a certain electricity voltage level . Unstable voltage or too low voltage will cause the compressor to fail to start, so it cannot heat.

2. Too much frost on the machine:

Possible reason 1: lack of refrigerant

Solution: add enough refrigerant

Possible reason 2: There are too much dust on outdoor exchanger fin or some other  substance substance.

Solution: clean the outdoor exchanger.

Possible reason 3. :  Defrost sensor is not in the correct position.

Solution : put the defrost sensor on the correct position which frost most seriously.

3.Air source heat pump stop running:

Possible reason 1: High pressure protection stop machine.  The water circulation problem will cause this protection. The fan motor can not work will also cause the protection.

Solution : Check the water circulation and water pipe. Check fan motor if problem, change a new fan motor.


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