why choose air to water heat pump

       Why do people choose air source heat pumps?
From a global perspective, air source heat pumps are becoming more and more popular as a new product. Why are people willing to choose air source heat pumps? There are below reasons:

1. It is a safe heating product.
The principle of the air source heat pump is to transfer the energy in the air to water and flow it, then the output hot water can be used on the situation that needs heating. The heat pump does not emit exhaust gas during the working process, nor does it generate an flame like a gas water heater, no flame, and the separation of water and electricity is very safe for hot water or heating consumers.

2.Energy saving, environmentally friendly.

Based on the principle of air source heat pump,  only a few electricity can remove the heating energy from air source to water by the help of circulating refrigerant (very high COP). So its electricity power consumption is 1/4 of that of electric heaters. Energy cost is 1/2 of natural gas heating product in European countries.

3. Its very comfortable heating product
The air source heat pump takes “hot water circulation” for heating. During space heating (connecting with air conditioning indoor unit) the wind blowing out is similar as natural wind, which makes people more comfortable. If the under only need hot water, the temperature of the water coming out is constant and very comfortable.

4. Heating and cooling both.
By the working of air to water heat pump, hot or cool energy is exchanged into hot or cool water, so the air-source heat pump can be used for heating or cooling. But tradition gas heater or electrical heater can only work for heating.

5. Widely using situation
air to water heat pump includes a lot of exact product such as : all in one heat pump water heater can be used in hotels, schools, hospitals. Pool heat pump can be used for swimming pools, swimming schools, gyms. DC inverter heat pump can be used as the heat source of floor heating or outdoor unit of air conditioner to provide heating and cooling for various buildings. Drying heat pump can also be used for drying hurbs, fruits by its temperature and moderate control.

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