How low temperature air can heat the water to 55 °C

The temperature of the air is low, especially in winter.How can it heat the water to 55 °C?

Many user ask this question when they know about the heat pump water heater.

Usually as people experience, the heat always flows from a high-temperature source to a low-temperature target. So in the winter, for example the air temperature is  7 ° C, it can not heat anything.

Well, After Modern scientists and engineers find reasonable way, To use the low temperature air to heat the water to be hot water is possible.

The principle is to find a energy carrier, let this carrier absorb the enough energy from air then release the heat energy to cold water. Each time this carrier may only take a little of energy from air, and only can make the water temperature increase only 0.2 ° C. But if keep the carrier continuously working, finally it will make the cold water to be hot.

So the main role in this circulation is energy carrier. Now we call it heat pump refrigerant or heat pump gas. The function of  heat pump gas is to absorb energy from low temperature air, and release it to cool water. Every type of heat pump need a refrigerant. There are some common heat pump refrigerant such as : R32, R410A and R134A.

Since 2018, Aircal heat pump factory start to take R32 as the main heat pump gas for product range : swimming pool heat pump and DC inverter heat pump. All in one heat pump water heater still take R134A because this product need very high temperature of water output.

And in 2019, R32 gas help Aircal DC inverter heat pump get A+++ energy class in TUV ErP test.


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