hybrid heat pump water heater A+ class from Aircal

According to European Union regulation, only the hybrid heat pump water heater COP figure reach 2.62 can be ranked as A+ class.

What does the A+ class mean ?

It means the COP figure of this heat pump water heater is higher.

It means the  user  use the water heater as usual, What his electricity bill amount will be reduced a lot.

It means the user  takes less energy, but gets more heating output, If more people used higher energy level products.  it will lead to  electricity power saving and less CO2 emission. This is also one important reason many governments  offering the subsidy to user to buy higher hybrid heat pump water heater.

In order to help our customers to get the government subsidy. Aircal heat pump factory designed  100 liter  A+ class hybrid heat pump water heater in 2018. And it was sold well into 2019. This product not only with A+ energy level, it also has below feature:

New technology to protect the water tank.

LCD display screen.

Low noise: 48.5dB

Higher output water temperatures  under heat pump mode.




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