Miracle R32 New Design variable speed swimming pool heat pump

This is newly-developed heat pumps with a variable-speed compressor. It is a simple design with side in and side out air discharge. Capacity from 7kW to 20kW variable-speed heat pump. High efficiency and multi-stage comfort.


DC Inverter available

Capacity: 7~20kW

High COP up to 14.96

Energy saving up to 75%

Environmental friendly

Comfortable low noise

ABS casing

Anti freeze Heat exchanger

Noise Level

Aircal heat pump delivers maximum comfort while keeping noise levels low

Get some quiet heat pump in your life now.

Low Noise pool heat pump.jpg


Optional Wi-Fi control with mobile app.


Intelligent frequency conversion control system with smart control panel.

Environment friendly

With most of the energy absorbed from the air with R32 refrigerant gas,

 Aircal pool heat pumps can heat your pool and spa all year round with much less cost. 

Running at low cost and without CO2 emmision all year round, 

you can enjoy swimming or spa at comfort water temperature all over the year.

R32 pool heat pumps.png

High COP

Aircal heat pumps deliver economical, high-efficient water heating and cooling for your swimming pool.

High COP pool heat pumps.pngFull Inverter Control System

Adopting mature DC frequency conversion technology, in line with the concept of intelligent heat pumps.

Multiple functional modes

The pool heat pump has four modes of function, suitable for different working environments. Including: Auto, Boost, Smart, Eco functions, etc., adjust the frequency based on changes in water temperature and ambient temperature to achieve energy-saving goals and maintain functional capabilities.

Auto Boost Smart Eco Function.png

Seasonal constant temperature

Equipped with powerful defrosting function, fearless of cold winter.

Intelligent Defrosting.png

Unique protection features

With multiple intelligent heat pump protection functions: grounding protection, temperature difference protection, phase loss protection, high/low voltage protection, water flow protection, frost protection, temperature sensor fault protection.

Seasonal constant temperature

Equipped with intelligent mode to dynamically work according to different climates to maintain the temperature of your swimming pool, people can enjoy swimming or spa at comfortable water temperatures all year round.


Aircal swimming pool heat pump is a smart and reliable solution to heat the pool, spa or or fish cultivation.

Running at low cost and without CO2 emmision all year round.

INVERTER Miracle Inverter Miracle Inverter Miracle Inverter Miracle Inverter Miracle Inverter
Ambient 26℃ 70 90 120 150 200
Advised pool volume 20-35 25-40 35-50 50-70 60-80
Heating temperature range 15~40 15~40 15~40 15~40 15~40
Cooling temperature range 8~28 8~28 8~28 8~28 8~28
Operating range -10~43 -10~43 -10~43 -10~43 -10~43
Air26℃ Water26℃ Inverter mode Capacity(kw) 7.01~1.93 9.17~2.48 12.03~3.18 15.25~3.92 20.04~5.22
Power input(kw) 1.05~0.129 1.38~0.166 1.8~0.213 2.29~0.262 3.01~0.349
Input current(A) 4.66~0.57 6.12~0.74 7.99~0.94 10.16~1.16 13.35~1.55
COP 14.96~6.68 14.94~6.64 14.93~6.67 14.96~6.66 14.96~6.66
Air15℃ Water26℃ Inverter mode Capacity(kw) 1.04~0.166 1.45~0.225 1.86~0.27 2.45~0.355 3.08~0.407
Input current(A) 4.61~0.74 6.43~1.00 8.25~1.2 10.87~1.57 13.66~1.81
COP 7.53~4.84 7.51~4.86 7.52~4.85 7.52~4.82 7.52~4.87
Air35℃ Water27℃ Power input(kw) 1.03~0.366 1.45~0.451 1.85~0.591 2.32~0.749 2.98~0.977
Input current(A) 4.57~1.62 6.43~2.00 8.21~2.62 10.29~3.32 13.22~4.33
EER 4.75~3.04 4.75~3.03 4.74~3.04 4.73~3.04 4.73~3.01
Power supply 220-250V/~/50Hz
Water flow m³/h 2.2 3 4.0 5.3 6.5
Unit net dimensions mm 780*350*520 950*355*645 950*355*645 950*355*645 950*355*645
Net weight kg 40 42 44 46 51

Aircal swimming pool heat pumps are the most popular product in Europe market.

With years’ development, Aircal has a full range of heat pumps with swimming pool heat pumps occupying 70%, All in one heat pumps 15%, multifunctional DC inverter heat pumps 6% and others 9%. We have cooperation with customers mainly from Europe, such as France, Spain, Italy, UK, Portugal, Bulgaria and Switzerland etc.





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