heat pump work

How does the air source heat pump work?

It successfully uses the inverse carnot principle to drive the heat pump with
electric energy,and through the components in the heat pump device,the evaporator, the compressor,the condenser and the expansion valve,the refrigerant is continuously evaporated (absorbing heat in the environment).The heat is circulated and condensed, and the heat of the air is transferred to the domestic water.

why choose

Why choose air to source heat pump?

1.It can get 4-5 times more heat than the traditional water heater. Therefore,the heating efficiency is higher.

2.Heating with air heat source is safer than electric heating.

3.Even when it is snowing in winter, you can enjoy the 24-hour hot water service provided by the air energy water heater at any time.

4.The heat pump product has no fuel emissions,can be controled by Wifi.


water heat pump


The Double energy System by air-water technology and smart electric water integrated technology, to achieve a short period of time, all-weather, which means that using hot water, it is comfortable to enjoy the perfect combination of energy-saving design.