Fan coils for homes

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  • Date:2024/03/18

Fan coil unit, abbreviated as fan coil unit. It is one of the end devices of an air conditioning system composed of small fans, electric motors, and coils (air heat exchangers).

When chilled water or hot water flows through the coil tube, it exchanges heat with the air outside the tube, allowing the air to be cooled, dehumidified, or heated to regulate indoor air parameters. It is a commonly used cooling and heating end device.


Fan coils for homes

Available in a wide range of capacities to suit different needs, our fan coils deliver fast space heating or cooling quietly in the background.


Functional role

1: Fan coil units need to create an indoor air environment that is suitable for human comfort. Due to the crucial role that indoor air environment plays in human comfort, creating the indoor air environment required for human comfort has become the primary task of air conditioning work.

2: Fan coil units should meet the indoor air environment requirements for process production. The process of technological production requires extremely high temperature and humidity environments. Temperature and humidity conditions not only directly affect the normal operation of the production process, but also affect the yield and quality of products.

3: Eliminate indoor harmful gases and concentrated heat and humidity emissions. The carbon dioxide in comfortable air-conditioned rooms and the unpleasant odor in bathrooms. The toxic and odorous gases produced in the production workshop of process air conditioning, as well as the local areas that emit a large amount of heat and humidity, need to be eliminated by channel air conditioning and exhaust facilities in fan coil units in order to obtain a good indoor air environment.


Environmental requirements

1. The inlet cold water temperature of the fan coil unit should not be lower than 5 ℃, otherwise it may cause condensation of the unit; The temperature of the incoming hot water should not exceed 80 ℃ (usually 60 ℃), otherwise it may cause corrosion of the copper pipes of the unit heat exchanger.

2. It is recommended to operate the fan coil unit at an ambient temperature of 16-36 ℃ for cooling and 10-30 ℃ for heating; The relative humidity of the air is ≤ 90%.

3. Fan coil units should only be used as comfort air conditioners and should not be used in special occasions.

4. Do not install the fan coil unit in areas with corrosive gases.


Introduction and characteristics of fan coil units

Fan coil unit is an ideal end product for central air conditioning, widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, commercial and residential areas, scientific research institutions, and other places. Its working principle is that the fan cools or heats indoor air or outdoor mixed air through a surface cooler and sends it into the room, reducing or increasing the indoor temperature to meet people's comfort requirements.


Main advantages:

Small volume; High efficiency; Low noise; Low energy consumption. The body structure is exquisite, compact, sturdy and durable. The coil is made of high-quality galvanized sheet shell, and the condensate water tray is formed by molding technology. There are no welds or welding points, and the insulation material that meets fire protection standards is connected to the water tray as a whole.


Fast and efficient space heating or cooling

Our fan coil units can heat up space faster than traditional radiators, making them an ideal choice for non permanent properties such as vacation homes.


For households without existing pipes or underfloor heating, or those that may find it difficult to install underfloor heating, we can provide space heating and cooling through our fan coil series (blowing air through water coils).


No need for high-temperature air source heat pump

Unlike special high-temperature air water heat pumps that require radiators to operate at temperatures as high as 80 ° C, fan coil units only require a water temperature of 45 ° C to provide full load heating. This means you can choose the most efficient heat pump on the market, with a maximum water temperature of up to 60 ° C.


The fan coil unit has been carefully designed and is ultra quiet

Our fan coil units are designed for dynamic and static balance, achieving extremely quiet operation with certified unit noise output as low as 17 dB (A). A direct drive centrifugal blower with aluminum or plastic blades is directly connected to a motor with dual suction to maintain a lower noise level.


Control method:

Simple control: Use a three-speed switch to manually control the three-speed conversion and start stop of the fan.

Temperature control: The temperature controller directly controls the three-speed conversion and start stop of the fan based on the comparison and calculation between the set temperature and the actual detection temperature, thereby achieving constant temperature through controlling the system water flow or air volume.





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