R32 Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Advantages of Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump

The Mini pool heat pumps are the new models of heat pumps available in the swimming pool market.


• Save Energy

As we all know, the mini swimming pool heat pump itself is very efficient to transfer heat from ambient air to pool water. With high efficiency and COP around 4.2-5.2, the mini pool heat pump is super energy saving to output up to 5.2 kW heat for the pool out of only 1 kW of electricity (when a pool cover is used). As much as 80% of the cost could be saved compared with an electric pool heater. A 4kw electric heater will use like 4kw electricity. It is a perfect substitute for the electric heater for above-ground pools up to 25m³. According to its relatively tiny body, the mini heat pump is easier to save energy and cost.


• Easy to use

The mini pool heat pump is very easy for end-users to use. Plug and play. Just plug the pool heat pump,  turn it on and set your desired pool water temperature.  There is a digital display on the mini pool heater unit so you could set the operation parameters according to your preference.


Just simply press the up or down keys to set the pool temperature and the pool heater will maintain the set temperature once it is reached. And this pool heat pump is light weighted. You can install it independently, most of our customers, less than 5 minutes from receipt to use. So it is incredibly easy to operate for your pool.


• Easy Installation

The mini pool heat pump can be installed easily and straight forward, previous installation or specific by-pass is not required. Connect the pool heater to the existing pool pipework, and the pool circulation pump pumps the pool water through it. And for the simple installation, can be carried out at any time, only minimal maintenance may be needed.


The mini pool heat pump is very economic and effective. It could be equipped in many different types of pools such as composite, wood, steel, or inflatable pools. 






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