R32 Horizontal Heat Pump

The Benefits of Using a Horizontal Heat Pump to Heat Your Pool


Put simply a heat pump normally offers the lowest cost method of heating your swimming pool.


Horizontal heat pumps extract FREE heat from the outside air by using refrigeration technology. They have a built-in heat exchanger which transfers the heat captured from the air into the pool water. The heat exchangers are normally made of titanium so that they are resistant to the corrosive effects of pool chlorine on most metals.


Horizontal Heat Pumps for Swimming Pool are Highly Efficient


At Aircal, the R32 heat pumps that we sell are highly efficient and have very high COPs. The COP is the ratio of the input power to the output heat to the pool.


Most swimming pool heat pumps deliver at least 5-6kw of heat to the pool for every 1kw of electricity they use. This makes the efficiency of a swimming pool R32 heat pump up to 1400% whereas an electric heater is only 1:1 between input and output (100%).


Horizontal Heat Pumps for Swimming Pool are Reliable and Eco-friendly


With the correct maintenance, your heat pool pump can go for about 10 to 15 years. The heat pump's heat exchanger is made using titanium which will not corrode.


It is an eco-friendly choice compared to various heating methods since they utilize about 80 % fewer fossil fuels to generate a similar quantity of heat output as other heating methods. Fewer fossil fuels translate to less use of natural resources and pollution.










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