R454c Refrigerant

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  • Date:2024/06/18

R454C refrigerant is an environmentally friendly and efficient refrigerant with low global warming potential (GWP) and mild flammability.

R454C refrigerant meets the environmental requirements of the EU F-GAS Act, with a GWP of 148, which is lower than the 150 threshold in F-Gas Regulation 517/2014 and ecological design, making it particularly suitable for sealing systems. It is classified as mildly flammable (ISO/ASHRAE Level 2L), allowing for significantly higher charging rates than other highly flammable refrigerants, and can be safely used in accordance with applicable specifications and standards. The ozone depletion potential of R454C refrigerant is 0, which is approximately 1/14 and 1/5 of R410A (GWP: 2090) and R32 (675), which are widely used as refrigerants in small and medium-sized air conditioners, respectively. These characteristics make R454C an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to traditional refrigerants such as R-404A or R-22.


The composition of R454C refrigerant includes R32 accounting for 37.51% and R1234yf accounting for 62.48%. This mixture provides similar performance to traditional refrigerants, making it easy and cost-effective to apply to new equipment without significant modifications. In addition, the basic physical properties such as boiling point and critical temperature of R454C refrigerant also indicate its optimal performance in medium and low temperature systems, making it an economical, efficient, and easily replaceable refrigerant for new systems.


In summary, R454C refrigerant has become an ideal substitute for small and medium-sized air conditioning refrigerants due to its environmental characteristics, low GWP value, mild flammability, and similar performance to traditional refrigerants. It helps to reduce the impact of global warming and meet environmental regulations.


Our aim is to bring comfort through technology, even in daily work

We provide maximum installation safety as our new refrigerant R454C is less flammable than other refrigerants. This makes it an excellent choice for our reliable and highly integrated heat pump. With them, installation and maintenance are both fast and simple.



Compared to other refrigerants, our new refrigerant R454C has explosion-proof characteristics, providing you with maximum safety during installation, handling, and operation. Therefore, it is very suitable for our reliable and highly integrated heat pump. They can be installed and maintained quickly and easily.



We focus on improving efficiency. The new refrigerant can increase performance by 15%. In addition, in heat pump only mode, the flow temperature can reach 75 ° C - very suitable for modern projects or year-round DHW heating, with temperatures above 60 ° C and no need for direct power backup.


Environmentally friendly

R454C is environmentally friendly and futuristic, with a global warming potential (GWP) 14 times lower than previous typical refrigerants. Therefore, it has already met the strictest requirements.

Refrigerant R454C is a mixture classified as mildly flammable (A2L) and can therefore be safely used in accordance with current regulations. The chemical composition of this product is 21.5% R32 and 78.5% R1234y. The properties and performance of this mixture are very similar to or even better than the old product, which is a significant advantage of R454C. The environmental friendliness of this coolant is confirmed by its extremely low GWP (only 146), while ODP is zero. In addition, the Opteon XL20 is non-toxic and suitable for mixing with POE oil.





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