Clean Heat Grant 2022

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  • Date:2022/03/15

Clean Heat Grant 2022

The Clean Heating Grant is a UK government-run scheme to help existing small domestic buildings transition to a low-carbon heating system for heating.

The scheme will take effect in April 2022

  • The property must provide a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) issued within the past ten years. EPCs tell a building's energy efficiency by rating it on a scale from A (very efficient) to G (least efficient), which helps to understand the carbon emissions released by the property and the cost of heating the building.
  • To be eligible for the program, the property must be an existing building or a custom-built building. This is similar to domestic RHI considerations. New buildings will not be eligible for the Clean Heat Grant. This is because switching to low-carbon heating in retrofit rather than new buildings are more expensive and complex, and incentives are badly needed to make this transition.
  • Families must assess their needs and provide at least one quote from a certified installer to be eligible for the grant. Responsibility for applying for the voucher rests with the property, and the installer will play a leading role in redeeming the voucher. This will also ensure that these vouchers work well for those families who really need them. It is also important that the installer is MCS certified.
  • In order to qualify for the grant, there must be no recommendation for a valid EPC for attic and cavity wall insulation. This requirement is waived if it is a government-listed building or is located in a protected area. Exemptions will be the same as those listed on the domestic RHI.





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