What are the advantages of a heat pump heating system

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  • Date:2021/08/03

What are the advantages of air source heat pump heating systems?

1. Air source heat pump heating system for more efficient operation.

  • The operating principle of the air source heat pump heating system is to use a single host to solve the heating and cooling needs of various rooms in the entire family. Compared with the direct heat exchange of multiple indoor and outdoor units, the system transfers cold and heat through secondary heat exchange to transfer the heat of the refrigerant. Or the cold energy is replaced in water and then sent to the end of the room through the pipeline, so the combination of two air-source heat pumps for low-temperature heating is also more energy-efficient.

2. Air source heat pump heating system for better comfort.

  • In winter, the air-source heat pump (multifunctional heat pump)heating system adopts floor heating. Floor radiation heating is the most comfortable heating method. The indoor surface temperature is uniform, and the room temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top, giving a good feeling of warm feet and cool roofs.

3. Heating is more comfortable.

  • Air source heat pump heating system heating operation, because the specific heat capacity of water is much larger than the specific heat capacity of air, the indoor temperature is more uniform, and there will not be too much temperature fluctuation during defrosting, especially when the floor heating end The heating effect is fully exerted.

4. Heat pump heating system has a wider application range.

  • The air-source heat pump heating system uses water as the medium to transport heat and cold energy to the end, so there is no problem with refrigerant transportation— heat pump heating system can support the end-use of different brands.

5. Heat pump system is more beautiful.

  • In the traditional split air conditioner, one host and one indoor unit work. For families with more rooms, in order to ensure the comfort of each space, it may be necessary to hang multiple external units on the external wall, which greatly affects the appearance of the external wall degree. In addition, most indoor units are wall-mounted, which affects the overall indoor home aesthetics. An external unit of the air source heat pump two-supply system can meet the heating and cooling needs of multiple rooms, and the indoor end is also concealed installation, which will not affect the aesthetics, and is more suitable for a modern home layout.

6. Heating system, more stable.

  • In the winter heating season, some families may use air-conditioning heating or gas-fired wall-hung boilers with end heating. When the temperature of ordinary air-conditioning compressors decreases in winter, the heating effect will significantly decrease. If it exceeds the working range, it will stop working; the furnace is also affected by natural gas supply, and there may be insufficient supply pressure during peak usage. Relatively speaking, the air source heat pump heating system operates more stably. It uses a dedicated heat pump compressor and has a wider working range, so it can adapt to lower ambient temperatures, and it has a better heating effect at low temperatures, especially some low-temperature air sources The heat pump heating system is designed to work in an ambient temperature range of -25 ° C to 43 ° C.

7. Air source heat pump, higher energy efficiency.

  • The air source heat pump heating system has high heat production efficiency. It operates with a small amount of electricity to drive the compressor. The general thermal efficiency (energy efficiency ratio) can reach 2.5 to 3.0 during winter heating. Energy saving is better, and it is also one of the most efficient and energy-saving methods for heating.





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