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  • Date:2023/11/07

Aircal Company conducted knowledge training, and we invited professional legal instructors to explain to our employees what law is, what legal contracts are, what to pay attention to when signing contracts, how to avoid risks, and so on.


The significance of learning the law

In daily life, whether it's work or buying or selling, there is an important proof of contract - a contract. Therefore, understanding and mastering contract law is an essential skill.


What is the law

Law is a system of behavioral norms formulated or recognized by the state and enforced by the state's coercive force, reflecting the will of the ruling class determined by specific social and material living conditions, with rights and obligations as the content, and aimed at confirming, protecting, and developing social relations and order that are beneficial to the ruling class.


Characteristics of Law

Law is the most powerful weapon for maintaining national stability and flourishing various undertakings, as well as a tool for defending the rights and interests of the people, and a means for rulers to rule the ruled. Law is a series of rules that typically need to be implemented through a system. But in different places, the legal system will elaborate on people's legal rights and obligations in different ways. One way to distinguish is to divide it into two types: the continental legal system and the Anglo American legal system. Some countries will base their laws on their religious laws.


The Essence of Law

The essence of law is a tool for the ruling class to achieve class rule. Specifically, it refers to the sum of behavioral norms formulated or recognized by the state in accordance with the interests of the ruling class, and guaranteed to be implemented by the state's coercive power.





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