Benefits of Reading 2023

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  • Date:2023/10/31

Aircal holds a book club every Friday,

and we select some articles every week to read a book that is beneficial for physical and mental development, in order to enhance our charm of reading.


The Benefits of Reading


1. Obtaining valuable knowledge

One of the most obvious benefits of reading every day is learning.

As Dr. Sus once wrote, "The more you read, the more you will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go." Starting from a very young age, delving into a good book can open up the entire world of knowledge.

Beyond the surface of the theme is also crucial for success. This may be why author Rold Dahl once said, "If you want to achieve success in life, you must read many books


2. Exercise your brain

Frequent reading not only makes you smarter, but also actually improves your brain power. Just like jogging can exercise the cardiovascular system, regular reading can provide good exercise for the brain, thereby improving memory function.

Research has confirmed that reading stimulates complex circuits and signal networks in the brain. In addition, as you improve your reading skills, these networks become stronger and more complex.

Most importantly, our brain has a strategy of 'using it or losing it', just like our muscles. In other words, if we don't exercise our brain regularly, our cognitive abilities may decrease. However, when we read every day, we can keep them strong and healthy.


3. Increase your attention

A novel requires your full attention in order to take you to another world. If you want to learn from a non fiction book, you need to fully immerse yourself in it.

In short, if you want to succeed, you need to focus. If you want to focus more, you can practice by reading books.


4. Improve memory

One of the benefits of reading is that it can improve your memory.

When you read non fiction books, you also consume a lot of information about the topic you are reading. Similarly, whenever you read a novel, you must remember a lot of information about the plot and secondary plot, the characters and their relationships, and the environment in which the story takes place.


5. Enjoy entertainment

Books provide some of the most attractive entertainment on Earth. As author Stephen King once said, "Books are a unique form of portable magic.


6. Improve your empathy skills

Another benefit of reading is that it can enhance our ability to empathize with others. Empathy has many benefits - it can reduce stress, improve our interpersonal relationships, and guide our moral principles. Understanding the psychological state of others is a crucial skill that can construct complex social relationships unique to human society


7. Improve your communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively is an important life skill. Reading every day can improve our communication skills in various ways. For example, reading can affect your writing and increase your vocabulary.

When we read well written works, we naturally observe their writing style, rhythm, and structure.


8. Reduce stress

Another function of reading is to reduce stress.

Research has shown that just 30 minutes of reading can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and psychological distress. Another study found that reading is the best way to relieve stress compared to taking a walk, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, and playing video games. Research has found that even six minutes of reading is enough to reduce stress levels by more than two-thirds.


9. Improve your mental health

The benefits of reading also extend to mental health.

Researchers have studied the effects of self-help books and found that many self-help books have a significant impact on depression or other emotional disorders. Reading can make your brain work, which is a very good thing. Those who use activities such as reading, chess, or jigsaw puzzles to stimulate their brains are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than those who engage in less stimulating activities during rest time


10. Live longer

The final effect of reading is perhaps one of the most exciting and interesting: it has been proven that the health benefits of reading can help us live longer.

A 12 year health and retirement study found that people who read books live about two years longer than those who do not read books or magazines or other forms of media. In addition, people who read for 30 minutes a day (3.5 hours a week) have a 23% higher life expectancy than those who do not read regularly.





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