How does WIFI control the water heater heat pump

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Why use WIFI control?


After a busy day at work, you need to unwind, watch your favorite TV show, or enjoy your favorite food. Some things are necessary to make this scene ideal, and this includes the temperature of your house.Adjusting the heat pump temperature via the panel controls can sometimes be cumbersome. If you have a smart heat pump, you can use your phone to control your device by connecting the heat pump system to WiFi. WiFi heat pumps bring more convenience to your daily life. In fact, they offer more advanced control and intelligence that panel controllers cannot.


WiFi heat pump control can be achieved by connecting your phone to WiFi using the native app. While smart heat pumps have this feature, you can control your heat pump from anywhere with your phone as long as your phone is connected to WiFi and the Smart Heat Pump app is installed.


You may want to turn on the heat pump 10 minutes before going home to achieve the ideal temperature to give you a comfortable water temperature for bathing. You might want to turn off the heat pump and so on when you go to work at 8am. You might also want to keep track of your room temperature when you're not home! This makes the remote access provided by the WiFi heat pump very important.


Many products can be controlled by mobile APP through WIFI.

The Aircal heat pump can also easily control the heating and cooling of the house through WIFI, which is convenient for people to use water for domestic use.


How does wifi control heat pump start and stop?


It works like this: There is a WIFI module on the controller inside the heat pump. Used to connect to the cloud server and receive return instructions. Users can input commands through the mobile APP. Between the heat pump WIFI module and the user's mobile APP, there is a cloud server as a bridge of communication

For example when the user's APP is connected to a swimming pool heat pump. He sets the outlet water temperature to 28 degrees. Then this instruction will be transmitted to the cloud server. The cloud server will return this command to the heat pump WIFI module. After getting this command, the WIFI module will help the heat pump to set the water output parameter to 28 degrees.


After the heat pump is connected to WIFI, customers can easily perform the following operations through the mobile APP.


1. If WiFi is connected to the integrated water heater heat pump, the user can check the running status of the machine through the mobile phone anytime, anywhere, and can control one machine with different mobile phones. In the same way, one mobile phone can also control different machines

2. When WiFi is connected with swimming pool heat pump. The user can turn the machine on and off very easily. In addition, it is easy to set or adjust the target temperature of the water. Happy hours of swimming won't be interrupted by the newly designed heat pump

3. When the DC inverter heat pump is connected to WiFi and cloud server. Users can operate and check the operation of the machine. At the same time, there is a platform server that connects all the machines provided by Aircal heat pump dealers. The zone allocator can quickly find the location of each machine and can monitor the detailed parameters of all the machines. Also, it can help users to update heat pump software via remote control.


What is an intelligent AC controller?


Smart heat pump controllers are smart devices that not only allow you to control your heat pump from your phone, but also add amazing functionality to your heat pump. Since energy saving is one of the top concerns of any homeowner, a smart AC controller can help you save up to 25% in energy. The controller allows you to set a schedule for the week. Smart Comfort Mode allows you to operate the heat pump within a set temperature range. The intelligent controller allows you to know the operation status of the air source heat pump at any time and worry-free. When the heat pump fails, the mobile APP will also receive a reminder to restore the heat pump to work normally.

Mobile app to control your heat pump via WiFi.


The air-energy heat pump floor heating and air-conditioning integrated machine realizes remote intelligent control. The operation process is as follows:

1: Install the APP in the mobile phone, use the remote temperature controller (LCD panel) and the remote wire controller.

2: After downloading the APP, first add a remote thermostat on the APP.

3: Turn on the WLAN of the mobile phone to connect to the WiFi, and ensure that the WiFi network is unblocked.

4: Enter the mobile APP, click Search Device >> New Device, enter the corresponding WiFi password.


♦♦ If you have purchased AIRCAL intelligent heat pump, you can search for "Tuya Smart" from the software store to download the app so that you can control the heat pump.


Advantages of Aircal Intelligent Heat Pump

Multiple units, one application

  • Mitsubishi Electric Wi Fi control enables you to control the heating and cooling needs of multiple units, not only in the same home or building, but also in multiple different locations. Your own home, vacation home, and office - all can be controlled and customized through one application.


Wi Fi heat pump control allows users to

1: Turn on/off the heat pump

  • By allowing you to turn on/off the heat pump, ensure excellent control of the heat pump system.

2: Change temperature

  • Display actual room temperature information, allowing you to adjust the heat pump settings to adapt to the conditions.

3: Change Mode

  • Choose from the five available operating modes: automatic, heating, drying, fan, and cooling. This feature allows you to customize the system to meet your needs.

4: Changing Fan Speed

  • Specify a fan speed between 1 and 5 or allow the system to automatically adjust to meet the requirements of the area.

5: Develop operational rules

  • Program your system to automatically turn on/off at specific times, change settings, and establish temperature rules to ensure daily comfort.



What are the benefits of a WiFi heat pump?


1: Control your heat pump heating temperature from anywhere

Whether you're on a summer vacation or running late for work, you can still control the heat pump in your home from the mobile app. This is the biggest benefit the smart air conditioner mobile app offers. As long as you have internet access, you can control your air conditioner anytime, anywhere.

When you see the temperature getting a little too cold or too hot, you can make the necessary adjustments to keep your family water protected.


2: Schedule your temperature

Weekly schedules can be created so you don't even have to touch your remote or mobile app during the week. Now this is the greatest convenience. Set your heat pump mode and temperature and assign it a specific time of day. There are different profiles for when you wake up in the morning, when it's hot in the afternoon, when you come back from get off work at night, and when you need a good night's sleep. Once set up, you don't have to worry about constantly fiddling with the controls and trying to keep things in perfect shape. Scheduling can also be combined with smart triggers to provide a complete smart heat pump experience.


3: Geofencing

Know where you are at all times with a mobile app, heat pump or controller. The heat pump can then be turned on or off depending on your location.

For example, you left the house in a hurry and forgot to turn off the heat pump. The mobile app detects that you have left your home a pre-set distance and automatically turns off the air conditioner. When it senses that you are approaching your home again, the heat pump will turn on at a predefined operating mode and temperature. The distance at which these functions are triggered can be modified according to your needs.


4: Improve energy efficiency

As mentioned earlier, smart heat pumps over WiFi can provide up to 25% energy savings. This can only be achieved by careful management of AC operating modes and temperatures. By looking at past usage history, you can see how you use your heat pump throughout the day.

Of course, it also avoids forgetting to adjust the heat pump, which leads to an increase in consumption due to the all-day heating mode. This is the cost-saving benefit of WIFI control of the heat pump.


5: Area Control

Another key feature of WiFi-enabled smart heat pump controllers is the ability to create multiple zones in the home, which can then be controlled from the app, and multiple heat pumps can be turned on or off at once. This feature is dedicated to hotels or large areas with multiple heat pumps.





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