How does WIFI control the water heater heat pump

  • By:Heyi
  • Date:2021/08/04


In people daily using home appliance, many products can be controlled by WIFI. Aircal water heater heat pump also can be controlled easily by home WIFI.

After the product connecting with WIFI,  Consumer can get below operation very convenient.

1. If the WiFi is connected with the hole in one water heater heat pump, The user can check the operation of the machine by phone at any time and anywhere,and can control one machine with different mobile phone,or control different machines by one mobile phone.

2. When the WiFi is connected with the swimming pool heat pump. The user can turn on and turn off the machine very convenient.  Also it will be very easy to adjust the temperature of the water. The happy time of swimming will not be interrupted.

3. When the DC inverter heat pump connect with WiFi and cloud server.  The user can operate and check the running situation of machine. At the same time, There is one platform server which can connect with all machines which were sold by heat pump distributor. The area distributor will find the location of each machine quickly and also it can monitor all machines detail parameter. Even it can help the user to update the heat pump software by far away remote control. This is very helpful for heat pump distributor to do after service.

Well, How does the wifi control the water heater heat pump ? It works like this: in the water heater heat pump inside, there is one WIFI module. It is for connecting with cloud server and receiving the directives from outside. And user can input the directive by mobile phone APP. Between the heat pump WIFI and user’s mobile phone APP, There is cloud server which can be a bridge to make two sides to communicate.  For example when the user open his APP and connect with swimming pool heat pump. He sets the water output temperature  28 degree. Then this directive is transferred to cloud server. And cloud server will send this directive to heat pump WIFI module. After getting this order, WIFI module will help the heat pump machine to set the output water parameter to be 28 degree.






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