Climate emergency what heat pump factory can do

  • By:Heyi
  • Date:2021/11/20

As we may notice, In 2019, there are a lot of bad climate events. Such as the North Pole reaching 30 Celsius, wildfires in Canada mountains, as well as Amazon rainforest, Ice melt on a big scale on Greenland.All these events push European Parliament to declare an environmental emergency in Europe and globally, and Europe should commit to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the UN Conference.


All people know that the main reason is the excessive emission of CO2. As common people, what can we do? To take public transportation instead of driving a car, to plant more trees, to decrease fossil fuel use, are small things that we can do.


As an air source heat pump supplier, what can we do?

Aircal heat pump designed the R32 heat pump to replace the R410a in 2017. And in 2019, all heat pumps refrigerant of Aircal are replaced by R32.  So some new customers may ask: what is the advantage of R32, Why we should give up R410a and change to R32 gas? Here are the reasons:

  • 1. R32 refrigerant gets a lower GWP figure. GWP (Global Warming Potential), which will have less CO2 emission.
  • 2. R32 ODP(Ozone Depletion Potential) figure is 0. It means it will not destroy the Ozone layer, which will protect our earth from avoiding the ultraviolet radiation from Sun.
  • 3. Why R32 Air source heat pump is more efficient than R410a?

Because of the R32 gas feature, it can work with less quantity, but more heating exchange. Because of higher efficiency, the R32 heat pump will get a higher energy class. For example, the DC inverter heat pump can get European class A+++ level, it will save more electrical power, and will indirectly cause less CO2 emission. As air source heat pump manufacturers must protect the environment, and we are new energy heat pump china by Aircal.





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