Is Heat Pump Heating Expensive?

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  • Date:2022/03/21

Inexpensive air source heat pumps

  • From the point of view of usage fees, air source heat pumps are not expensive. Air Energy counts electric water heaters and gas water heaters, both based on 150 liters of water. Electric water heaters consume an average of 2,642 kWh of electricity per year, totaling 1,606 yuan; liquefied gas water heaters consume 111.6 cubic meters of fuel per year and cost 2,009 yuan; and air source heat pumps have the lowest power consumption, only 662.4 kWh per year, and cost only 401 yuan. Air source heat pump saves 1,200 yuan per year compared to electric water heaters and 1,600 yuan compared to liquefied gas water heaters. On the basis of 5 years, the air energy water heater has saved at least 6,000 yuan, and most of the electric water heaters and gas water heaters have been "retired".


Compared to traditional air conditioners

1: The air energy heat pump has an additional hot water system.

  • Hot water is available 24 hours a day, and hot water can cover the entire house. Not only the bathroom has water, but any place where the faucet is installed in the home can come out. The hot water and water volume are also very large, which can solve the hot water supply problem for a family of four.

2: Different from solar heat pumps and water heaters

  • It takes a long time to get hot water after the hot water runs out. Even if all the hot water of the air source heat pump is used up, the hot water in the water tank will slow down in less than an hour. The air energy heat pump has the effect of multi-purpose, and only uses very little electricity. Although the initial cost is higher, air-to-energy heat pumps are significantly more energy efficient than regular air conditioners.

3: Energy saving

  • Good power saving effect: the average power saving of air source heat pump water heaters is 65-80℅, and the average power saving of electric auxiliary solar water heaters is 40-65℅, and it can only reach 70℅ under special circumstances. The investment of air source heat pump water heater is only about 70℅ of that of electric auxiliary solar water heater.
  • Air source heat pump is a process of absorbing heat in the air through compressor compression and generating heat, which is about 4 times more energy efficient than traditional electric boilers; and electric boilers are equipment that directly generates heat without any intermediate conversion. But only 90% of the heat is generated, and air source heat pumps are more energy efficient than electric boilers.


How much does an air source heat pump installation cost?

  • Air source heat pumps cost more than new gas or oil central heating systems. Typical costs range from £4,000 to £8,000, depending on the pump brand and its heat output.
  • You will also need to pay for installation. This could bring the total to £5,000 to £10,000. If you're installing a new underfloor heating or air distribution system, you'll also need to consider these costs. And may improve insulation, as air source heat pumps are not very effective at heating ventilated or poorly insulated homes.
  • Some countries also have subsidy policies that provide up to £5,000 for the installation of an air source heat pump.


    How much does an air source heat pump cost to run?

    • Air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient home heating appliances on the market. Traditional boilers run at 90% efficiency, and you lose 10% of the heat produced by burning fossil fuels. On the other hand, heat pumps have an efficiency rating of around 350%. We expect fuel prices to rebalance in time, which will bring running costs on par or even lower than what you would typically pay for your existing heating system. When you're weighing environmental benefits against fossil fuel options - a heat pump is the better option.
    • According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating a home costs about 4.65p per kWh with natural gas, 4.82p per kWh with oil, 7.70p per kWh with LPG and 7.70p per kWh with standard electric heaters 20.06 pence. While a typical air source heat pump costs about 5.73p per kWh to run.


    Heat Pump Operating Cost Example

    Energy prices vary - and so does our home and energy use. So it's hard to give an exact number on how much you can save in a year. But, based on some industry-wide data, we've put together this example.

    A modern four-bedroom house may require around 19,000 kWh of heat per year (though this will vary).

    • This will cost around £884 for gas (90% efficiency; gas costs 4.65 kWh times 19,000 kWh).
    • About £916 for an oil-fired home (90% high efficiency oil-fired boiler; oil cost 4.82kWh times 19,000kWh)
    • LPG home is around £1,463 (boiler efficiency is 90%; LPG cost is 7.70 kWh times 19,000 kWh)
    • The cost of using an air source heat pump and electricity at 20.06p/kWh is £1,089 (20.06p/kWh divided by the heat pump COP of 3.5, multiplied by 19,000kWh)


    Are there maintenance costs for air source heat pumps?

    • Air source heat pumps use proven technology with a lifespan of 20 years or more. But just like a boiler, you should have your air source heat pump professionally serviced every two or three years (or yearly, if the manufacturer recommends it) to ensure it's still in top shape.

    You can do some things yourself:

    • 1: Make sure there is an adequate air supply. This means regularly checking the fan grills for leaves or debris. And trim any plants that get too close to the equipment or its pipes.
    • 2: In very cold weather, remove snow from the air source heat pump and check that the grill is not blocked by ice.
    • 3: Let the heat pump run as suggested by the installer, it may take some getting used to - but the heat pump works best if left alone.





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