Is Heat Pump Heating Expensive?

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  • Date:2022/03/21

Is heat pump heating expensive?

Many people still use air conditioners for heating and cooling. The reason is that the price of air energy heat pumps is too high. In fact, they do not know the reason why air energy heat pumps are expensive. Although it is expensive, it is very economical to use.

  • Compared with traditional air conditioners, the air energy heat pump has an additional hot water system. There is a hot water supply 24 hours a day, and the hot water can cover the entire house. Not only the bathroom has water, but any place where the faucet is installed in the home can be discharged. Hot water and the amount of water are also very large, which can solve the problem of hot water supply for a family of four.
  • Unlike solar heat pumps and water heaters, it takes a long time to get hot water after the hot water is used up. Even if all the hot water of the air energy heat pump is used up, the water tank will have slow hot water use in less than an hour. The air energy heat pump has the effect of multi-purpose, and only uses a small amount of electricity. Although the initial cost is higher, the air energy heat pump is much more energy-efficient than ordinary air conditioners.

Energy saving

  • Good power saving effect: the average power saving of air source heat pump water heater units is 65-80℅, and the average power saving of electric auxiliary solar water heaters is 40-65℅, and it can only reach 70℅ under special circumstances. Small investment: With the electricity-saving of 65℅ as the standard, the investment of the air source heat pump water heater is only about 70℅ of the electric auxiliary solar water heater.
  • An air source heat pump is a process of absorbing heat in the air and producing heat through compressor compression, which is about 4 times more energy-efficient than traditional electric boilers; and electric boilers are equipment that directly generates heat without any conversion in the middle. but can only generate 90% of the heat, the air source heat pump is more energy-efficient than the electric boiler.

1. The air source heat pump can realize the process of converting 1KW to 4KW all year round.

2. The boiler can only achieve 1 KW to achieve 0.95 KW or lower process.





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