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  • Date:2021/12/27

Air energy water heater

  • Air energy water heater, also known as "air source heat pump water heater", its working principle is very similar to that of air conditioners. It uses a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor to run. Absorbs a large amount of heat energy from the air; the gaseous working medium is compressed by the compressor into a high-temperature, high-pressure liquid state, and then enters the condenser to release heat and heat the water... Such continuous circulation heating can heat the water to 50° C~65°C.


Working principle

  • The air source water heater works according to the "inverse Carnot" principle. Specifically, the "outdoor unit" acts as a heat exchanger to absorb heat from the outdoor air, heats the low-boiling point working medium (refrigerant) and evaporates it, and the refrigerant vapor is compressed by The compressor heats up and enters the water tank, releases the heat into the water and condenses and liquefies it, and then throttles and reduces the temperature and returns to the outdoor heat exchanger to enter the next cycle. Simply put, it absorbs the heat in the air to heat the water, and the air that has absorbed the heat can also be used in the kitchen to solve the problem of stuffy heat.


Advantages and disadvantages



1. Energy saving

  • Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of air energy water heaters is energy saving. The low-temperature heat energy in the air is converted into high-temperature heat energy through the compressor. Based on the same amount of hot water production, compared with the electric heater water heater, the energy saving is maximized, and the use cost is only 1/4 of the electric water heater. Compared with gas water heaters, it does not consume any gas fuel, and the use cost is only 1/3 of that of gas water heaters. Taking air as the main body and saving energy can not only save people's use costs, but also conform to the theme of energy saving in the world. This is one of the biggest highlights of air energy water heaters.

2. Convenience

  • The selling point of air energy water heaters is air, and for household items, one of the most basic needs of people is ease of use. Therefore, convenience has become the second bright spot of air energy water heaters. Because the amount of air is not affected by indoor and outdoor, sunny and cloudy days, compared with solar water heaters, air energy water heaters are very convenient, whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, let alone cloudy and sunny days, and the temperature is above zero degrees Celsius. can use. In addition, after a tank of water is used up, the air source water heater only needs no more than an hour to make another tank of hot water, which can be used by the family around the clock.

3. Safety

  • Electric water heaters have potential safety hazards of electricity leakage, and gas water heaters have the danger of gas poisoning. Compared with these two types of water heaters, air energy water heaters exchange heat through the medium, avoiding direct contact between electric heating elements and water, thus solving the problem of electric heating water heaters. Second, because the raw material is air, it also eliminates the possibility of gas explosion or gas poisoning in gas water heaters, allowing people to use it more comfortably and worry-free.

4. Environmental protection

  • Energy saving and environmental protection complement each other, and environmental protection is another plus point for the energy saving advantages of air energy water heaters. First of all, the air energy water heater uses electric energy to compress air to produce heat energy, and does not emit waste gas and toxic gas, which is not only safe, but also creates a pollution-free bathing environment. Secondly, the use time of air energy water heaters is as long as 15-20 years. The long lifespan can not only reduce the cost and trouble of replacing water heaters, but also reduce waste production in a sense, which is also an important aspect of environmental protection.


1. Environmental adaptability

  • The heat source of the air energy water heater is the air that we all need, and as an energy-saving product, its energy-saving degree is closely related to the COP value and energy-efficiency ratio. Since most of the air energy water heaters on the market today are designed to have a normal working temperature of 0-40°C, air energy water heaters often perform well in the south where the ambient temperature is relatively high. In the northern cities where the temperature in winter is only -10 ℃, it is difficult for the air energy water heater to achieve the expected effect in the design. If the temperature is -20°C the unit will not even start. Basically, it can only be heated by electricity in winter (a large electric kettle, and it will automatically heat when the temperature is low)

2. Installation problem of air energy water heater

  • Home air source water heaters often require a tank to heat and store hot water. Taking a family of 3-5 people as an example, a water tank of 120L-150L is required. Such a large-sized water tank is not easy to coordinate with the overall home, so consumers can only install the air energy water heater on the balcony. But with the improvement of people's requirements for the home environment, the big guy on the balcony is unwilling to accept it.

3. Consumer awareness of heat pump water heaters

  • Heat pump water heaters are a new thing in the domestic market, and consumers' awareness of it is still very low. There are many people who think that it is impossible to get three parts of heat with one part of heat, and the same is true for other products related to the application of thermal recovery technology, although the popularity of heat pump air conditioners has been very high. People's understanding is only limited to the fact that the air conditioner is a big power consumer, but they don't know that it is more energy-efficient than the coal-fired ball furnace. Today, because some larger shopping malls do not yet sell air energy water heaters, consumers' awareness of air energy water heaters is still very low.

4. The purchase cost is very high

  • One air source water heater can buy many gas water heaters. Although it is a bit energy-saving, this cost can be used to pay electricity or gas bills for seven or eight years.


Installation steps

1. Connect the water pipe

2. Water tank irrigation

3. Plug in the power

Additional knowledge


  • Will there be scale? Because the air source water heater - domestic heat pump water heater uses medium temperature (55°C) and the unique patented technology "overflow indirect heating" to produce hot water, it will not produce any scale. The general electric water heater is heated at 80-100 ℃, so it is easy to produce scale, which will reduce thermal efficiency, increase power consumption, reduce water outlet pressure, and even cause safety accidents.

Temperature, water consumption

  • The most suitable temperature for bathing water is 42°C, which can be slightly higher by 1-2°C for middle-aged and elderly people. Bathtubs and Jacuzzis are determined by capacity.

How much hot water can be made

  • In terms of product performance and theory, air energy water heaters - domestic heat pump water heaters, can cycle back and forth to continuously produce hot water. At normal temperature, the hot water can be produced per hour as follows (45℃-55℃): according to the size of the unit.


There are  100L,200L, and 300L 500L models of Smart Noble available till now.

Timer function—Ensure you could ask the heat pump to heat the water in advance before you need it. And also can make heat pumps work from 9 am to 11 am which with higher air temp in the daytime, to get better heating performance and reduce the heating time.





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