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  • Date:2021/12/24

Speaking of air source heat pump water heaters, we are certainly not unfamiliar. This is very environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and effective hot water equipment, which has brought great help to our lives, and in our business In China, commercial air source heat pump water heaters are also widely used, so today I will introduce some of our commercial air source heat pump water heaters for everyone to understand.

High efficiency, energy-saving, and large water production. The air-energy heat pump hot water unit produces hot water by absorbing the heat in the environment. Compared with the traditional coal, oil, gas, and other combustion heating methods to produce hot water, there is no burning effluent and no impact on the atmosphere and the environment. Pollution and extremely low energy consumption, it is a green and environmentally friendly product, in line with my country's current basic policies on energy and environmental protection. Stable, safe, and reliable operation.

The hot water unit is installed outdoors and does not occupy an effective building, which can save civil construction investment; additional operating costs are small, no fuel transportation and storage are required; no complicated maintenance and repairs are required; no special person is required to supervise, reducing management costs for users; system operation is stable and malfunctions The low rate reduces the user’s business risk. In addition, the energy-saving effect is obvious, and the investment payback period is short. The air-energy heat pump hot water unit is excellent new energy equipment with many advantages. Compared with the previous hot water production equipment, it has a broad prospect.

As a water heat pump supplier, you should master and be familiar with these products. There is a certain degree of knowledge about hot and cold water systems and control. This article mentions only part of the knowledge of commercial hot water machines. Geothermal heat pumps and dry heat pumps also have a lot of knowledge. Let's learn.





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