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  • Date:2021/12/18

Air energy heat pump water heater-four performance advantages of air energy heat pump water heater

Safe and reliable: Since it is not directly heated by electric heating elements, compared with electric water heaters, it eliminates the potential safety hazards of electricity leakage; compared with gas water heaters, there are no safety hazards such as gas leakage or carbon monoxide poisoning, so it has more excellent Safety performance. The air-energy heat pump water heater is a heat storage type. The heating function is automatically activated according to the temperature in the water tank to ensure a sufficient supply of hot water for 24 hours. Therefore, there will be no problem if the gas water heater cannot meet the hot water of multiple faucets at the same time. The electric water heater has a small capacity and the problem of waiting for many people to take a bath will not arise. The hot water is ready to use, with large water output and stable water temperature, which can meet all your expectations for hot water.

Environmental protection and health: The gas water heater heats hot water by burning combustible gas, and at the same time emits a large amount of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful exhaust gas. The air-energy heat pump water heater just transfers the heat from the surrounding air to the water, completely achieving zero emission, and has almost no impact on the environment. It is a true environmentally friendly water heater.

Save electricity and money: Because its power consumption is only one-fourth of the same amount of electric water heaters, which is equivalent to using the same amount of hot water, using air-source heat pump water heaters, electricity costs only one-fourth of electric heating. Calculated by a family of 4, the normal hot water consumption is about 200L/day, and the electric water heater is used for heating, the electricity cost is about 4 yuan/day, while the air source heat pump water heater only needs about 1 yuan/day, which is OK for a year Save about 1,000 yuan in electricity bills.

Energy-saving and emission reduction: As energy saving and emission reduction have become the trend of the times, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions is the most fashionable way of life. As mentioned earlier, the air source heat pump water heater adopts the reversed Carnot principle, which transfers the energy in the air to the water instead of directly heating with electric heating elements, so its energy efficiency can reach 4 times that of electric water heaters, that is, heating the same amount of heat. Water consumption is equivalent to a quarter of that of electric water heaters, which greatly saves electricity consumption. 70% of China's electricity is generated by burning coal in thermal power plants. Saving electricity means reducing carbon emissions.





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