Why Air Source Heat Pumps Can be Used in Multiple Ways?

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  • Date:2022/03/03

Why air source heat pumps can be used in multiple ways?

The air source heat pump can be used as heating equipment in winter and can also meet the supply of hot water in schools, hospitals, hotels, and other places.

Air Source Heat Pumps - Refrigeration

Central air conditioners are divided into fluorine systems and water systems. The water system pursues comfort and enjoyment, while the fluorine system pursues refinement and cost. The comfort of the central air conditioner in the water system is because the water temperature can be controlled, the specific heat capacity of the water is the largest, and the temperature difference during the heat exchange process is only about 5 degrees.

The outdoor unit of the central air conditioner of the water system completes all the processes of the refrigeration cycle, and the indoor unit only performs simple heat exchange. The two are independent of each other and work independently of each other. The indoor unit or the outdoor unit can be dealt with separately during maintenance and renovation. The temperature of the air outlet of the central air conditioner of the water system is generally 15~18°C, the air outlet is softer, and the moisture in the air is not easily lost.

Air Source Heat Pumps - Heating

The air source heat pump heating system is a new type of energy-saving and environment-friendly heating system. It relies on the extraction of low-grade heat energy from low-temperature air, uses electricity as the power, the compressor as the heart, and the refrigerant as the blood, and continuously extracts and converts to produce high-grade heat. The energy provides the heat source for indoor heating. In the whole extraction and conversion process, no waste gas, waste residue, etc. are generated, and no pollution and damage to the environment is caused. The endless and free low-level energy in nature is extracted. The operating conditions of the whole system are stable and excellent and have a high energy efficiency ratio. Compared with Other heating methods are less expensive. By consuming less electric energy, the air source heat pump makes the unit absorb a large amount of low-temperature heat energy in the air and convert it into high-temperature heat energy, consumes one electric energy, absorbs more than 2 free air energy, and obtains more than 3 heat energy to realize indoor heating.

Air source heat pumps are used for heating, mainly to solve the problem of low efficiency at low temperatures. Air source heat pump heating, in order to solve the problem of low temperature attenuation, inverter air source heat pumps can increase the speed of the compressor, that is, to increase the exhaust pressure, increase the exhaust temperature, increase the outlet water temperature, and increase the heating capacity in a low temperature environment. 





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