What Is an Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater?

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What is an air source water heater?

Air energy water heater, also known as "air source heat pump water heater", its working principle is very similar to that of air conditioners. It uses a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor to run. Absorbs a large amount of heat energy from the air; the gaseous working medium is compressed by the compressor into a high-temperature, high-pressure liquid state, and then enters the condenser to release heat and heat the water... Such continuous circulation heating can heat the water to 50° C~65°C.


Advantages of air source water heaters

1. Energy saving:the heat can be converted into 300% to 500% of the heat, this advantage can reduce the heat by 4~5 times, the most direct benefit is energy saving.

2, easy to use and comfortable:The heating efficiency of solar water heaters depends on the outdoor climate, and if there is continuous rain, there will be no hot water supply. The air source water heater can supply hot water 24 hours a day, whether it is raining or raining.

3. Environmental protection:Air energy heaters do not need to burn gas, and do not emit any gas, and are very energy-efficient, reduce emissions, and are environmentally friendly.

4. Safety:since gas is not used, there is no safety problem. Moreover, no electric heating rod is used for heating to avoid leakage, which can ensure the safety of one's own life.

5. The application field is very wide:and the use of air energy water heaters in daily life is very extensive, and it does not need to be limited by climate. It is suitable for industrial production, factory bathing, hotels, hotels and other places that need hot water.


Why are air source water heaters a powerful advantage?

Compared with electric water heater

We can compare air energy water heaters with electric water heaters. Electric water heaters are heated with electric heating rods. Air source water heaters heat the water by absorbing heat from the air. The heat generated by the air energy water heater consumes 1 kWh of electricity is equivalent to the heat generated by the electric water heater consuming 4 kWh of electricity. In terms of energy saving, air energy water heaters are far more energy efficient than electric water heaters. Second, in terms of security. The air energy water heater only transfers the heat after compression and heating to the water tank for heating, so the water and electricity are completely isolated. The electric water heater electric heating rod is directly heated in the water. Therefore, leakage accidents are easy to occur!


Solar water heater comparison

Both work using air and solar energy, two of nature's renewable energy sources. What is the difference between the two?

In all seasons, including winter, if there is sufficient sunshine, the effect of solar water heaters is very obvious, and if there is a long period of rain, snow and cloudy days. Solar water heaters cannot reflect the heating effect. The air source water heater will not be affected by the weather and season. It can supply hot water to users at any time. To put it bluntly, the air source water heater can have hot water where there is air!


Compare with gas water heater

Gas water heaters heat the water temperature by burning combustible gas, and at the same time, will produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. If the continuous large amount of carbon dioxide on the earth exists in the air for a long time, it will produce a greenhouse effect on the earth's environment! The air energy water heater only heats the water temperature with the heat in the air, and does not emit any toxic and harmful gases. In the era of energy saving and emission reduction, it is a water heater that is truly energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Secondly, gas water heaters may leak gas and cause human carbon monoxide poisoning accidents. Therefore, the safety of air energy water heaters is better than that of gas water heaters.


Common sense of air source water heater


Will there be scale? Because the air source water heater - domestic heat pump water heater uses medium temperature (55°C) and the unique patented technology "overflow indirect heating" to produce hot water, it will not produce any scale. The general electric water heater is heated at 80-100 ℃, so it is easy to produce scale, which will reduce thermal efficiency, increase power consumption, reduce water outlet pressure, and even cause safety accidents.


Temperature, Water Consumption

The most suitable temperature for bathing water is 42°C, which can be slightly higher by 1-2°C for middle-aged and elderly people. Bathtubs and Jacuzzis are determined by capacity.


How much hot water can be made

In terms of product performance and theory, air energy water heaters - domestic heat pump water heaters, can cycle back and forth to continuously produce hot water. Under normal temperature, the hot water can be produced per hour as follows (45℃-55℃): It depends on the size of the unit.


How to maintain an air source water heater?

1.Keep Ventilated

Do not push debris near the air energy water heater, otherwise the air outlet will be blocked. Since the air energy water heater mainly absorbs air energy, it is recommended to place it in a ventilated place, which can prevent the heating effect from becoming worse.


2.Keep Clean

When the machine is running, impurities will continue to be deposited in the water tank, so regular cleaning is very necessary, otherwise the service life will be shortened. It is recommended to clean it once every six months. If you have time, wipe the evaporator and drain.


3.Inspection and maintenance

The power usage of the air energy water heater, whether the position of the socket is dry, and whether the heating is normal. These suggestions should be checked regularly. If any problems are found, contact the relevant personnel in time for on-site maintenance.


4.Regular Pressure Relief

The temperature drop of the pressure relief valve will increase the time for the machine to heat the water. If the air energy water heater is overheated or the water pressure is too large, the pressure relief valve can ensure the safety of the unit and prevent the water tank from bursting. Therefore, it is recommended to pull the handle of the PT valve for three months to six months. , to ensure the normal pressure relief of this valve.


Common Problems Troubleshooting & Solutions

Air energy water heaters often encounter some problems during the use process, and there are corresponding solutions after detailed analysis.

First: The compressor loses oil?

Analysis of the reasons:

  1. The suction pressure is too low
  2. 2. The refrigerant circuit is blocked
  3. 3. The thermal expansion valve is opened too little


  1. Increase the side load of the evaporator, check whether the suction pipe valve is blocked or not.
  2. 2. Detect leaks and add refrigerant.
  3. 3. Clean or replace the thermal expansion valve.

Second: the compressor is noisy?

Analysis of the reasons:

  1. The oil pressure is too low
  2. 2. The muffler and the suction and exhaust valves are broken or broken
  3. 3. The pipeline in the machine, the tightening part of the valve parts is loose, and the vibration
  4. 4. The thermal expansion valve is opened too much


  1. Replace the lubricating oil, muffler, suction and exhaust valves
  2. 2. Check and tighten the compressor, pipeline and valve parts
  3. 3. Adjust the opening degree of the thermal expansion valve

Third: the compressor does not stop?

Causes of failure:

  1. The resistance of the sensing probe is incorrect or the sensing line is broken.
  2. 2. The position of the thermostat is incorrectly placed or fails.


  1. Replace the sensor probe
  2. 2. Relocate or replace the thermostat

Fourth: the operation is normal but the heating capacity is poor?

Analysis of the reasons:

  1. The compressor exhaust valve and thermal expansion valve are damaged
  2. 2. There is a lack of system refrigerant or there is non-condensable gas such as air in the system
  3. 3. The defrost controller and the time relay are out of order
  4. 4. The electromagnetic reversing valve is leaking 5. , The hydrophilic aluminum sheet is blocked by dust


  1. Replace or repair or re-adjust the opening degree.
  2. 2. After leak detection, supplement the refrigerant or replace the desiccant, refrigerant, and electromagnetic reversing valve.
  3. 3. Brush with a brush and tap water.

Five: Frost on the compressor surface?

Analysis of the reasons:

  1. The thermal expansion valve fails or is opened too large.
  2. 2. The temperature sensing package of the thermal expansion valve falls off.
  3. 3. The valve core of the thermal expansion valve is stuck or the temperature is not set properly.
  4. 4. The refrigerant is not charged enough.


  1. Adjust, clean and replace the thermal expansion valve
  2. 2. Re-wrapping the temperature sensor bag
  3. 3. Re-adjustment
  4. 4. Leak detection, leak repair, and refrigerant charging





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