What Is an Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater?

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  • Date:2022/03/01

 What is an air source heat pump water heater?

Air source heat pump water heater, also known as heat pump water heater, uses a heat pump to absorb air heat source to produce hot water. The heat pump uses the inverse Carnot principle to absorb a large amount of low-temperature heat energy in the air with very little electric energy, convert it into high-temperature heat energy through the compression of the compressor, and transmit it to the water tank to heat the hot water, so it has low energy consumption, high efficiency and fast speed. , Good safety, strong environmental protection, continuous supply of hot water.

As a hot water system, it has unparalleled advantages.

Heat pump water heater is an application of heat pump technology in the production of hot water. Its heating method is completely different from traditional water heaters. It uses air and water as low temperature heat sources and uses electricity as the power to absorb heat from low temperature to heat domestic water. The water is directly sent to the user through the circulation system or for heating in a small area, which avoids the disadvantages of high energy consumption, serious pollution, and high cost of traditional oil, gas, and electric water heaters, and can save 75% of the daily use cost. The operation is not restricted by meteorological conditions. It is the best solution for the centralized hot water supply system in schools, dormitories, hotels, bathing centers and other places.

The air source heat pump technology is applied to the hot water supply system to produce a new generation of high-efficiency, energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly air source heat pump water heaters, which can intelligently provide continuous and stable domestic hot water to end-users without any emissions pollution during the operation of the unit.





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