Do heat pumps lose efficiency with age?

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  • Date:2022/03/25

Do heat pumps lose efficiency with age?

In addition to being environmentally friendly and efficient, the air-to-energy heat pump has another big feature—long service life.

However, the energy efficiency of the heat pump will get worse and worse with the use of time.

Here are 5 Tips reasons why you should consider replacing your heat pump:

Heat pump is 10 years old or more

  • As heat pumps age, they naturally lose some efficiency. So the heat pump you installed ten years ago is not as efficient as when you installed it. While well-maintained heat pumps can last for decades, newer models are much more efficient.

Your heat pump needs more and more repairs

  • When you start needing repairs to your heat pump a few times a year, you can have major problems with your system. At some point, it breaks completely and you need to replace it. Replacing it ahead of time helps reduce the amount of time you can use it without cooling and heating.

As your heat pump ages, it loses some efficiency

  • You'll notice it's an ever-increasing electricity bill. Inspections and adjustments can help, but at some point replacement is the best answer to reducing energy costs

Uneven cooling and heating in your home

  • If you have some rooms cold and others hot, your heat pump may be struggling to keep up

Your home has humidity problems

  • Heat pumps naturally remove moisture from the air. When you start having noticeable humidity problems, your heat pump isn't working properly.





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