How many types of AC's are there?

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  • Date:2022/05/23

Several common air conditioner host forms


1:Water-cooled chillers:


The water-cooled chiller belongs to the refrigeration unit part of the central air-conditioning system. Its carrier refrigerant is water, which is called a chiller, and the cooling of the condenser is realized by the use of normal temperature water for heat exchange and cooling. Therefore, it is called a water-cooled unit, and the opposite of the water-cooled unit is called an air-cooled unit. The condenser of the air-cooled unit is cooled by forced ventilation heat exchange with the outdoor air.


2:VRV system:


It is the abbreviation of variable Refrigerant Volume system, that is, a variable refrigerant flow system. It is in the form of a set of outdoor units, consisting of functional units, constant speed units, and frequency conversion units. By connecting the outdoor unit systems in parallel, the cooling pipes are concentrated into one piping system, which can be easily matched according to the capacity of the indoor units. Indoor units include ceiling embedded, wall-mounted, floor-mounted and so on. Different types of indoor units can be connected to one refrigeration circuit and can be controlled individually


3:Modular machine:


On the basis of the VRV system, the development of the heat comes, which changes the traditional Freon pipeline into a water system, combines the indoor and outdoor units with a refrigeration unit, and changes the indoor unit into a fan coil unit. The refrigeration process is realized by the heat exchange of the refrigerant water. The mold machine is named because it can automatically adjust the number of starting units according to the cooling load requirements and realize flexible combination.


4:Piston chiller:


Piston-type chiller is an integral refrigeration device specially designed for air-conditioning cooling, which compactly assembles the piston-type refrigeration compressor and auxiliary equipment needed to realize the refrigeration cycle. 900KW, suitable for medium and small projects


5:Screw chiller:


Screw chillers are large and medium-sized refrigeration equipment that provides chilled water. It is often used for air conditioning in national defense scientific research, energy development, transportation, hotels, restaurants, light industry, textiles and other sectors, as well as chilled water for water conservancy and power engineering. The screw chiller is a complete refrigeration system composed of screw refrigeration compressors, condensers, evaporators, and automatic control components and instruments. It has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, small footprint, convenient operation and maintenance, and stable operation, so it has been widely used.


6:Centrifugal chillers:


It is a complete chiller composed of centrifugal refrigeration compressors and matching evaporators, condensers, throttling control devices and electrical meters. The cooling capacity of a single machine ranges from 700 to 4200KW. It is suitable for large and extra large projects


7:Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller:


Using thermal energy as power, using water as refrigerant, using lithium bromide solution as absorbent, to prepare refrigerant water above 0°C, which can be used as a cold source for air conditioning or production processes, lithium bromide absorption type is powered by thermal energy, and the common ones are: There are three types of direct combustion type, steam type and hot water type, with a cooling capacity ranging from 230 to 5800KW, suitable for medium, large and extra-large projects





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