How to Make the Most of Air Source Heat Pump

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  • Date:2022/05/25

Air source heat pumps take heat from the outside air (even when it is freezing) and use it to heat the house. Heat pumps can get used to because they operate differently than other forms of heating. They are designed to heat to low temperatures for extended periods of time, rather than providing heat quickly when turned on


They are slow to respond to temperature changes. So when you want to crank up the temperature, change the room thermostat's setting one or two degrees at a time. Wait to see if you're happy with this new setting before turning it up further. If you turn the temperature too fast, the heat pump won't respond fast enough and will run at more capacity to raise the temperature, which will increase the cost


Therefore, the operation methods that can reduce the cost are:


1: Change the temperature in your home

  • Heat pumps are designed to operate for extended periods of time. This means it is often cheaper and warmer to have them run during the day than to heat only in the morning and evening.


2: Adjust individual rooms

  • You can also control the temperature in individual rooms - if you have underfloor heating, use radiator valves or zone controls. In general, the temperature should only be lowered in rooms or bedrooms that are not in use.
  • If there are brief warm periods in winter, it's usually better to turn down the controls in individual rooms than adjust the thermostat in the main room.


3: When you don't want the heat

  • Never turn off the heat pump completely. This is because they can be very expensive to reopen as they try to raise the temperature as quickly as possible. It may also take a few days for the home to return to a comfortable temperature. .
  • Evening: Lower the temperature to around 10-15°C, then slowly turn it up in the morning so the room is a comfortable temperature when you wake up.
  • A day away: keep the system running and keep the temperature constant
  • A week away: The system should have a "holiday" or "anti-frost" setting on the control panel that will lower the room temperature when you're away. This also prevents the pipes from freezing if you leave in cold weather, also avoiding more electricity bills when you reopen and preventing the pipes from being damaged
  • Summer: Your heat pump may have a "summer" mode, or you can simply turn down the room thermostat. This means the heat won't turn on, but you can still get hot water. As fall approaches, you can slowly increase the heating temperature again.


4: If the heat pump is off

  • If you have a power outage, the heat pump will shut down. If the power is off for an extended period of time, the heat pump will need to heat itself before it can heat your home again. Check your instructions as this may happen automatically or you may need to choose a setting.
  • If you want to keep the water temperature constant, then the water heater should always be turned on. This is basically the same as the standby state of the electric water heater. What's more, it takes 3-5 hours to heat the air energy water heater. If you don't choose to make an appointment in advance and want to go home to take a bath, you can only choose a 24-hour constant temperature.
  • It consumes a lot of electricity when it is heated for the first time. After reaching the set temperature, the unit will keep warm for several hours. When the temperature drops to the hysteresis value (usually 5°C), the unit will reheat it again, which is equivalent to one day of machine. There will be several heating processes. If the highest temperature of the day has passed, the heating will be carried out using an electric heating system. Then it means that when you do not need to use hot water, he performs the same work as ordinary electric heating water heaters to maintain the water temperature, and several times a day.


5: Clean the dust filter

  • When the dust filter is clean, the heat pump works best. When the dust filter becomes noticeably dirty or the indicator light is on, use a vacuum cleaner or rinse the filter. The cleaning frequency can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on the usage and dust level.


6:Keep the outdoor unit clean

  • Keep the shrubs away from the outdoor unit and remove any leaves that may be stuck inside, taking care not to bend the fins. Clear snow will float away from the outdoor unit, but don't worry about snow and ice accumulating on the outdoor unit. Heat pump automatic defrosting.


7:Professional maintenance

  • To ensure optimal performance, in addition to regularly cleaning the filter, the manufacturer's professional service recommendations should also be followed. Heat pumps accumulate more dirt in summer, so it is best to repair them in autumn.


Do air source water heaters consume electricity all day long?


  • 1. The principle of the air energy water heater is to keep the power on all the time. When the heating is completed, the unit will stop working and keep warm automatically. The heat preservation process does not require power consumption, and the heat preservation effect of the high-quality water tank can reach more than 72 hours. Home machines generally work no more than 2 hours a day, so there is no need to worry about electricity bills.
  • 2. As long as there is air and the temperature is above zero degrees Celsius, the air energy water heater can operate under pressure 24 hours a day. If no one at home can completely cut off the power, when it needs to be used, another box of hot water will be produced for the family to enjoy after turning on the power for about an hour or even less time.
  • 3. If the water heater at home is not used frequently, just turn it on an hour before taking a bath, turn it off after taking a bath, and turn off the power switch, which saves electricity. If the water heater at home is used frequently, but only for bathing, it is recommended to turn it on when it is used. However, switching the electric water heater on and off frequently will damage the circuit and is not good for the water heater. Therefore, it is recommended that family members choose a more concentrated time to take a bath with water, which can reduce the number of switches.


Electricity bill due to usage problems


  • Unlike the gas wall-hung boiler, the air-energy heat pump is not affected by environmental factors. The air-energy heat pump transfers heat from the outside to the room. It is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. Especially when the air humidity is high, the outdoor unit is easy to freeze. This leads to frequent defrosting, which will consume a lot of electricity. And often when we feel cold indoors, we will increase the heating temperature, and at this time the outdoor is also relatively cold, so the air heat pump will consume more electricity.
  • Power saving method: According to the working characteristics of the air energy heat pump, if you want to save power, it is recommended that the temperature should be appropriately increased when the outdoor temperature is high during the day, especially in the afternoon. When the outdoor temperature is relatively low at night, the temperature is slightly lowered, so that the temperature in the house will transition from the daytime temperature to the night, and the indoor temperature will be more comfortable. The main reason for this is that the outdoor temperature is high during the day, the air heat pump is not easy to frost, and it is easy to transfer the outdoor temperature to the room, and the indoor temperature, including the heating system, takes a certain amount of time to dissipate heat, which can reduce the air heat pump at night. operation hours. This will save power.





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