Advantages of Steel Radiators in Heat Pump Configurations

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  • Date:2022/01/25


We will take you to further understand the advantages of steel radiators so that you can choose and use them.

1. Efficient heating

  • The water flow is large, the water resistance is small, and the energy consumption of the system is small. The air convection heat dissipation method is adopted, so the temperature rises quickly.

2. Good energy saving

  • The steel radiator in high efficiency heat pump is equipped with a thermostatic regulating valve to achieve indoor temperature control. When the temperature regulating valve changes the temperature, it can respond quickly, control the temperature accurately, and save energy.

3. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free

  • The steel radiator is healthy and environmentally friendly, with a smooth surface and no sharp corners to avoid bump damage. It will not produce a peculiar smell at high temperatures and will not pollute the indoor environment.

4. Strong comfort

  • Because the steel itself has the characteristics of macromolecules, water molecules can penetrate the radiator, and there will be no obvious drying during use.

5. High space utilization

  • The heat dissipation efficiency of the steel radiator is very high, and it can achieve the best heat dissipation effect with a smaller volume, and no need for a heating cover, which minimizes the occupation of indoor space and improves the utilization rate of the room.

6. Easy to clean

  • The surface is smooth and not easy to scale. When cleaning, just wipe it with a rag on the radiator.

7. Strong decorative

  • The steel radiator has good coordination with interior decoration and can be perfectly matched with furniture and accessories to create a harmonious and high-style home environment.

8. High cost performance

  • Excellent performance and the price is relatively moderate, everyone is relatively easy to accept. The price is something that everyone will care about. High-quality products with the right price are the most cost-effective products that people like.
  • There are many advantages of steel plate radiators, which are not listed here. Generally speaking, it has high heating efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, and high matching degree with wall mounted heat pump, which is very suitable for use in southern regions.





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