Aircal R32 DC inverter heat pump passed TUV noise test

  • By:Heyi
  • Date:2021/11/20

24th Oct, Aircal heat pump received good news from TUV (Guangzhou) laboratory, The latest monoblock R32 DC inverter heat pump is qualified in the Noise level test. The Noise test was carry out on below products: 6KW,9KW,12KW and 18KW.

In order to control the quiet air to water heat pump noise level, Aircal engineers tried many new methods to reduce heat pump vibration(including change of water pump, improving the air duct design, improving the sound insulation and increase the noise absorbing material).

Aircal R32 DC inverter heat pump was full DC inverter product with Monoblock design, it can adjust the running frequency automatically by set program. In the high frequency running condition, interface compatible heat pump will get higher running sounds. Special methods are very necessary in order to control the noise level.

Finally we managed to control the noise to be a quite low level before the products were sent to TUV noise testing laboratory.

What is the Noise of DC inverter heat pump ?

The Noise of heat pump is normally generated by the irregular, intermittent, continuous or random noise during operation. The difference between heat pump noise and industrial noise or traffic noise (high-frequency noise) is the frequency. Heat pump running noise is in low frequency (sound with a frequency below 500 Hz). Low-frequency noise is characterized by slow attenuation, long sound waves, and strong penetration (its diffracted waves can easily bypass obstacles), so low-frequency noise is not easy to handle.  Long-term low-frequency noise will have a bad effect on human health, so it must be strictly controlled.

This is also the reason Noise test must be done and Noise level must be controlled in European Union. In EU Regulation : EN 12102-1 2017 declares the Noise level of a heat pump.

Since early October, Aircal sent the heat pump samples to TUV laboratory to test under EN 12102-1 2017. Finally we get a good noise figure and passed the test,In addition, we also provide customers free maintaining heat pump.





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