How Can Air-Energy Heat Pump Run in Ultra-Low Temperature?

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  • Date:2022/01/19

How does the air-energy heat pump breakthrough and still operate efficiently at temperatures of minus tens of degrees?

What is injection enthalpy technology?

  • The "Jet Enthalpy" technology is based on a complete system consisting of jet enthalpy compressors, hot water heat exchangers, evaporators and other special components.
  • This compressor adds an extra steam injection port. The compressor receives energy from the evaporator from the suction port and supplementary steam from the other end of the pipe from the steam injection port. refrigerant (refrigerant)

To make it clearer, we can analyze the process step by step:

  • Step 1: The compressor receives the heat A absorbed by the evaporator from the air and compresses it;
  • Step 2: Open the jet enthalpy to increase the gas supply circuit, and the steam enters the compressor;
  • Step 3: Part of the energy A compressed by the compressor is mixed with the incoming steam. This process will continue until the working chamber of the compressor is separated from the air supply port. At this point, the steam is fully mixed with energy A and becomes a new steam flow.


Low temperature air energy heat pump heating technology

  • When the air energy heat pump is used in cold areas, as the outdoor ambient temperature decreases, the refrigerant mass flow decreases, the heat supply decreases sharply, and the compressor discharge temperature increases sharply with the increase of the compression ratio, which makes the unit unable to operate normally. The operation or operation reliability is reduced, and the long-term operation is bound to seriously damage the compressor. This requires effective solutions to improve the performance of heat pump units in low temperature environments.
  • An effective way to improve low temperature heat pump performance is to achieve compression ratio decomposition. Through 2-stage or multi-stage compression or cascade, the compression ratio of each stage compressor is reduced, thereby improving the internal volume ratio efficiency of each stage and reducing the exhaust gas temperature. For systems using scroll, screw or centrifugal compressors, it is relatively convenient to carry out intermediate air supplementation, which can effectively improve the heating performance at low temperatures.
  • The variable frequency EVI jet enthalpy compressor technology is developed based on this principle, which can realize reliable operation and strong heating under the ambient temperature of -35℃, and has been widely used now.


Comprehensive advantages of low temperature heat pump

1. The system is stable and reliable

  • The air source heat pump heating system equipped with EVI jet enthalpy increasing technology solves the problems of low temperature heating attenuation and excessive compressor discharge temperature. Even in the severe cold area of ​​-35 °C, the low temperature air source heat pump system still operates reliably Hot and strong.

2. Superior economic performance

  • Although the difference in the maintenance structure between the north and the south, the difference in outdoor temperature and relative humidity, the habits of the occupants, and the defrosting control have a great impact on the operation economy of the unit, the air source heat pump is still more economical and energy-saving than the gas wall-hung boiler and electric heating. , saving 15%-70% of operating costs, whether it is to replace the central heating of coal-fired boilers or independent user heating, it is the preferred solution for energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Good comfort

  • In the application of air-energy heat pump heating in different climate zones, the temperature level in the user's room is well maintained. Coupled with the good indoor system layout and design, the temperature gradient and fluctuation are in line with ergonomic requirements for comfort; in addition, the floor The thermal comfort of radiant heating is better than that of radiators, and a comfortable and uniform thermal environment can be obtained with low-temperature hot water, which is a good choice for new comfortable heating methods.


Precautions for using low temperature air energy heat pump

1. Do not accumulate debris around the host

  • The principle of the air energy heat pump is to transfer the heat in the air to the water to achieve the purpose of making hot water. Therefore, the installation location and environment will directly affect the heating effect of the machine.

2. Do not cut off power casually, and do not need to drain for a long time

  • Some users think that turning off the host when not using air energy, and turning it on again when it is in use will save power. In fact, it is very dangerous to do so, especially in winter when the temperature is relatively low. Because the heat generated by the air energy heat pump unit is transferred through water as the carrier, if the power is cut off in a low temperature environment, the host is likely to be frozen.

3. Do a good job of pipe insulation

  • When the ambient temperature reaches the freezing point, the water temperature of the air-energy heat pump will drop faster. If the hot water pipe and the return pipe are not insulated, the heat consumption will be accelerated.

4. Buy regular brand products

  • In recent years, the air energy hot water heating market has developed very rapidly, and many manufacturers without core technologies have also entered. Especially in winter, it puts forward a double test for the hardware quality and cold resistance of the air-energy heat pump. A product with top hardware and technology is particularly valuable.





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