How Can Air-Energy Heat Pump Run in Ultra-Low Temperature?

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  • Date:2022/01/19

How does the air-energy heat pump breakthrough and still operate efficiently at temperatures of minus tens of degrees?


So what is jet enthalpy technology? Let's explore together:


The "jet enthalpy" technology is based on a complete system, which consists of special components such as jet enthalpy compressor, hot water heat exchanger, evaporator, etc.


This kind of compressor adds an extra steam injection port. The compressor receives the energy from the evaporator from the suction port and receives the supplementary steam from the other end of the pipeline from the steam injection port. refrigerant (refrigerant)


To illustrate more clearly, we can analyze this process step by step:


Step 1: the compressor receives the heat A absorbed by the evaporator from the air and compresses it;


Step 2: Open the air jet enthalpy increase the air supply circuit, and the steam is passed into the compressor;


Step 3: The part of the energy A being compressed by the compressor is mixed with the incoming steam. This process will continue until the working chamber of the compressor is separated from the air supply port. At this time, the steam is fully mixed with the energy A and becomes a new stream of steam. energy B;


Step 4: After the working chamber of the compressor is separated from the air supply port, energy B is compressed in two stages, and finally, energy B enters the condenser and exchanges heat with water.


After this technology, the air energy heat pump unit has been fully optimized to adapt to harsher weather. Using high-temperature jet enthalpy technology, enough heat can be obtained in an ultra-low temperature environment of -25℃ to meet people's heating and heating needs.


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