Solve the fault of the air energy heat pump

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  • Date:2022/01/17

7. The compressor does not run

  • A. Power failure, find out the cause and solve the power failure.
  • B. The compressor contactor is damaged, replace the contactor.
  • C. Loose wiring, find out the loose point, and fix it.
  • D. Compressor overheating protection, find out the cause of the heat and remove the fault before turning it on.
  • E. The outlet water temperature is too high, reset the outlet water temperature.
  • F. Insufficient water flow, clean the water filter to remove the air in the system.

8. The compressor is noisy during operation

  • A. The liquid preparation enters the compressor, and check whether the expansion valve fails.
  • B. The internal parts of the compressor are damaged, replace the compressor.

9. The fan does not run

  • A. The fan set screw is loose, and tighten the set screw.
  • B. The fan motor is burnt, replace the fan.
  • C. The contactor is damaged, replace the contactor.

10. The compressor is running, but the unit does not heat

  • A. All the refrigerant leaks, the system is checked for leaks and charged with refrigerant.
  • B. Compressor failure, replace the compressor.

11. Water flow protection

  • There are generally two possibilities for water flow protection. The water system is not circulating and the water flow switch itself is damaged. Generally, water flow failure is often caused by water problems. The specific troubleshooting methods are as follows:

12. Exhaust pressure is too high

  • A. Too much refrigerant, discharge the excess refrigerant.
  • B. There is non-condensable gas in the fluorine circuit system, and the non-condensable gas is discharged.
  • C. Insufficient water flow, check the water system and increase the water flow.

13. Inspiratory pressure is too low

  • A. The drying filter is blocked, replace the drying filter.
  • B. The solenoid valve is not open, repaired, or replace the solenoid valve.
  • C. The pressure drop through the heat exchanger is too large, check whether the opening of the thermal expansion valve is appropriate
  • D. There is no refrigerant or leakage in the heat pump system.

14. The wired controller fails/black screen

  • A. Black screen of the wired controller: first confirm whether the unit has power, and then try to replace a new wired controller. The Refrigeration Encyclopedia public account reminds us that if it still does not light up, focus on checking whether there is output on the main board of the unit. If there is no output, it may be that the mainboard transformer is damaged or the mainboard fuse is burned out. You can replace it. Of course, in this case, you need to observe more in the future to rule out the load short circuit. the situation, to avoid secondary damage to the accessories.
  • B. The wired controller reports communication failure: report communication failure to check whether the wiring is a virtual connection. If it is not a virtual connection, there is often a problem with the voltage.
  • C. The wire controller is not sensitive: If the wire controller is not sensitive just after use, it may be that the internal wiring may resist the button. If the button of the wire controller is not sensitive after a period of normal use, it may need to be replaced.

15. Air breaker tripping

  • A. The air switch cannot be closed: replace an air switch and ensure that there is no virtual connection. If not, it may be that the compressor is grounded or the mainboard is short-circuited. After the judgment is accurate, the compressor or the mainboard needs to be replaced.
  • B. Occasional tripping of the air switch: It is often caused by the virtual connection of the air switch, and it is enough to check whether the wire is firmly connected. Of course, if the air is open in a place with high humidity, it may be damp and cause tripping.





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