How to solve the fault of the air energy heat pump?

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  • Date:2022/01/13

How to solve the fault of the air energy heat pump

Part one:

1. Analysis of the cause of the current fault

  • A. First, test the actual current value of the compressor idling for confirmation.
  • B. The current transformer and thermal relay are adjusted too small or have quality problems themselves.
  • C. The voltage is too low or too high, causing the compressor current to be too large.

2. Reasons for the failure of the exhaust probe

  • A. Too little refrigerant in the system will cause the exhaust temperature to be too high.
  • B. Too much refrigerant in the system will also cause the exhaust temperature to be too high.
  • C. The quality problem of the exhaust probe itself causes exhaust failure.
  • D. The micro-blocking of the high COP heat pump throttling device causes the exhaust pressure to be too high and the exhaust temperature to be high.

3. Causes of high voltage failure

  • A. If the heat pump has been repaired, it is necessary to check whether there is too much refrigerant. It cannot be displayed when the temperature is low in winter. In summer, it will cause the pressure to be too high and cause high-pressure protection.
  • B. The head and flow of the circulating water pump are too small and not equipped according to the company's requirements.
  • C. Whether the low water level probe of the water level probe is reasonably installed, and the probe should be higher than the circulating water outlet.
  • D. There is the scale in the condenser (referred to as casing, high-efficiency irrigation, and plate heat exchanger), which causes poor heat exchange and causes high pressure in the system, which is generally caused by the use of groundwater.
  • E. Poor detection of tap water pressure switches will also cause high-pressure alarms.

4. The unit does not operate

  • A. Power failure, disconnect the power switch and check the power supply.
  • B. The power wiring of the unit is loose, find out the cause and repair it.
  • C. The fuse of the control power supply of the unit is blown, and the fuse shall be replaced with a new one.

5. The water pump is running but the water is not circulating or the water pump is noisy

  • A. If there is a water shortage in the water system, check the water supply device of the system and supply water to the system.
  • B. There is air in the system, and the air in the water system is excluded.
  • C. All the valves of the water system are fully opened, and the valves of the water system are fully opened.
  • D. The water filter is dirty and blocked, clean the water filter.

6. The heating capacity of the unit is low

  • A. If the refrigerant is insufficient, check the system for leaks and charge the refrigerant.
  • B. The water system is poorly insulated, and the water system is strengthened.
  • C. The drying filter is blocked, replace the drying filter.
  • D. Poor heat dissipation of the air heat exchanger, clean the air heat exchanger.
  • E. Insufficient water flow, clean the water filter.





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