How to "Select" the Best Place to Install a Heat Pump Outdoors

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  • Date:2022/04/01

There are many things you need to consider when installing a heat pump. How to select the right location is also very important. Let's find out.

1: Do not install outdoor units in enclosed areas such as garages or attics

Your heat pump will run out of air to draw, freeze, or heat from this enclosed space and significantly reduce comfort.

The heat pump unit will lose efficiency due to fresh air delivery limitations.

2: Do not get too close to the wall

Keep the heat pump approximately 4 to 8 inches above the ground to prevent snow and other debris from reaching the components of the unit.

3: Do not go near growing plants

Plants should be kept away from heat pumps.

Keep plants as far away as possible from heating units to avoid airflow obstruction.

4: Do not go near windows or bedrooms

There will be noise when the heat pump starts, try to avoid close to the window/bedroom, so as not to affect people's normal life.

5: Do not go near places where snow or water accumulates when it rains

Avoid placing the heat pump unit on walls that may collect snow or water when it rains, if snow drifts towards the unit and reduces its airflow, it will reduce its efficiency and output.

Air source heat pumps use air as the main source of heating for your home. So our recommendation is to place the device where there is a sufficient supply of outdoor air.





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