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What is a low carbon heat pump?

  • The air source heat pump absorbs the low-grade heat energy in the air, converts it into high-grade heat energy, and transfers the heat to the water, so as to achieve the purpose of heating. Although the air source heat pump is a device that uses electricity, its efficiency is 3-4 times that of electricity. Therefore, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than electricity. Gas and boilers will produce pollution sources and discharge them outdoors, which are actually polluting to the environment, and air source heat pumps will not produce pollution sources. Gas and boilers are dangerous equipment, and improper protection will cause hidden dangers.
  • Air source heat pump water heater is a new generation of hot water equipment with deep utilization of solar light and heat. It can make full use of the free low-temperature heat in the air. With 1 degree of electricity, it can obtain 4 degrees of heat energy from the air, and only electric water heaters consume electricity. 1/4 of . At this time, the air source heat pump water heater does not emit any toxic gas, greenhouse gas and acid rain gas during the working process, and there is no waste heat pollution. Choosing an air source heat pump water heater means choosing a low-carbon and environmentally friendly life.


Why are low-carbon heat pumps popular?

  • Gas water heaters and electric water heaters are still used in most areas, especially in the north, where most of the heating is coal-fired or gas-fired, and the exhaust gas emitted every year is very large, which is why there was smog in the north last year. , the main source comes from the heating in the north. At present, most people still use gas boilers, gas water heaters burn gas, and gas combustion, especially when the gas combustion is not sufficient, will produce a lot of harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc., these toxic and harmful gases are more harmful large and pollute the environment to varying degrees.
  • As the world pays more and more attention to environmental protection, the reliability and authenticity of "environmentally friendly refrigerants" are also hotly debated in the industry. Low carbon heat pumps will be the trend of the future. At present, the low temperature heat pump industry generally uses R410A and R32 as refrigerants. R410A is an HFC refrigerant. Although under the banner of environmental protection and not destroying the ozone layer, it actually has a high GWP value and a high greenhouse gas effect.
  • In this case, the R290 eco-friendly refrigerant compressor stands out. With the advantages of low GWP value and high energy efficiency, it has become a "true environmentally friendly refrigerant" and the only viable environmentally friendly alternative in the field of domestic heat pumps recognized by the industry.
  • As an environmentally friendly refrigerant, R290 has many advantages and is very suitable for low temperature hot water heat pump heating. Its critical temperature is high, it is suitable for high condensing temperature applications, the pressure and heating capacity are similar to R32, and it can directly replace R32. And R290 can be used outdoors, the integrated heat pump unit design, the refrigerant will not enter the room, even if there is a leakage problem, it is easier to spread outdoors.


How does a low carbon heat pump help the environment?

  • The energy saving of the air energy water heater is mainly reflected in the good power consumption, and the environmental protection is mainly reflected in the zero emission. The air energy water heater absorbs the heat in the air energy to increase the water temperature. It does not have gas so it does not generate waste gas. , the COP of the air energy water heater is at least 3 or more, that is, it saves two-thirds or even three-quarters of the electricity bill compared to electric water heaters, and saves one-half or even two-thirds of the annual auxiliary heating cost than gas water heaters and solar water heaters. Without reducing the consumption of one kilowatt-hour of electricity, it can reduce the production of 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide produced when generating electricity, which can also reduce the damage to the ozone layer. At the same time, after the air energy water heater extracts the heat from the air for heating, the cold air is excluded, which is conducive to improving the ambient temperature and reducing the greenhouse effect.
  • The air source heat pump emits heat to or absorbs heat from the surrounding air while working, which makes the temperature of the surrounding air cooler or higher, forming what is commonly referred to as a "heat island" effect.While radiating heat or absorbing heat from the surrounding air, it has a certain degree of filtering and purification effect on the surrounding air, and the finned heat exchanger can absorb a certain amount of dust.
  • Low-carbon heat pumps have multiple advantages such as low cost of use, easy operation, good heating effect, safety and cleanliness. Using the energy in the ubiquitous air as the main power, the compressor is driven by a small amount of electric energy to realize the transfer of energy without complex configuration, expensive water intake, recharge or soil heat exchange system and machine room, which can gradually reduce traditional heating. A large number of pollutants are discharged to the atmospheric environment, ensuring the heating effect while taking into account the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.


What are the benefits of running a heat pump in a home?

1. The temperature is suitable

  • Because the heating air energy heat pump adopts the "water circulation" system, when the hot air blows out, the wind speed is lighter, more like natural wind, and the air is not dry, which will not affect the indoor air humidity, and the human body feels more comfortable.


2. The soles of the feet heat up

  • The connection method of the heating end of the air energy heat pump is mainly floor heating, radiator, and fan coil. Floor heating is a very comfortable heating method, the heat rises evenly to the ground, making people feel warm and cool.


3. Moist air not dry

  • The air energy heat pump absorbs the air in the air, and then uses the internal compressor to do work, compresses the air energy into high temperature heat energy, and finally transfers the heat energy to the water to generate hot water. The water flows in the indoor pipes to keep the indoor temperature in equilibrium. The terminal air plate converts the hot water into hot air and discharges it out, and adopts convection heating. The entire heating process is done by water flow, so not only does it not reduce the humidity in the air like an air conditioning system, but it keeps the humidity at a certain level.





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