Swimming in Cold Winter Still Having Comfortable Water Temperature

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  • Date:2022/02/18

Swimming is a very popular sport, but the coming of winter stops us. 

In this situation, I think you can try our swimming pool heat pump which can provide you a warm swimming time of temperature up to 40℃ pool.

A heat pump pool heater is a machine that uses a reversible high-pressure refrigerant system to heat or cool water. The refrigerant combines with warm air drawn in from the atmosphere to produce that. The heater transfer process takes advantage of heat's natural ability to move from a high-temperature area to a lower one. Using a small amount of energy, air source pool heat pumps use a fan to harvest heat, and later distribute that heat into your pool water.

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of fitness and health care has been enhanced. Swimming is no longer just a sports competition. More and more people like to swim for fitness. In recent years, various public swimming pools, private swimming pools, bathing, and SPA have increased. Therefore, people's requirements for swimming pool water temperature heating, and constant temperature equipment in terms of energy-saving and environmental protection are getting higher and higher.

And the air source heat pump swimming pool just provides such a quality of life. Aircal has been focusing on heat pump manufacturing for many years. The excellent quality and good service have won the praise of the majority of consumers. It has provided a large number of heat pumps for the swimming pools and has been highly recognized.





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