The Role of Magnesium Rods in the Heat Pump of the Water Heater

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  • Date:2022/02/16

The role of magnesium rods in the heat pump of the water heater

Traditionally storage-type electric water heaters use electric heating tubes for heating. The real role of the magnesium rod is to protect the inner water tank. 

To know the role of the water heater magnesium rod, then we need to know the inner tank structure of the electric water heater. The main component of the liner is iron, and it is in direct contact with water. At the same time, we also know that after the water is heated, it may produce a scale when it exceeds 40 degrees. Then if there is no magnesium rod in the electric water heater, the scale produced will directly adhere to the inner tank, and then the inner tank will be corroded. Just like when we use an electric kettle, a layer of scale is attached to the inner wall of the kettle.

In order to prevent the liner from being corroded, it is necessary to find a substitute to absorb scale. Then magnesium metal is an excellent choice.

Tap water is very easy to produce scale after heating. The scale has a certain corrosion ability. After a long time, it will corrode the inner tank and cause the water heater to leak. The liner of the current water heater is generally protected by the enamel process, but there is still no guarantee that the coating will not crack - once the enamel layer cracks, the leaking metal part will be corroded.

In heat pump water heaters, magnesium rods are used as anodes: magnesium with more active chemical properties first combines with carbonate ions and bicarbonate ions in water to produce scale. Magnesium consumes the negative ions in the water, and the inner tank of the water heater is safe.





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