Noble 200L high COP all in one heat pump

It is high COP with A+ energy label and running with low noise. LCD display with smart wifi control is optional. The 200L, 300L and 500L tank are the most popular among all size Inner water tank material of SS304, SS316, Duplex,Enamel are optional.


High COP 2.62 with air temperature at 20℃

Energy saving up to 75%

Environmental friendly R134a, R290 gas available

Comfortable low noise

Smart LCD Control

Advanced Technology

Quality-guaranteed Components

Solar Coil can be optional 

Wifi control can be optional

Steel tank 304/316/Duplex tank optional & Enamel tank

Micro-Channel Heat Coil

Micro-channel heat coils with multi-flow allow the refrigerant and the surface of the water tank to have a large-area heat exchange, which highly improves the heat transfer efficiency.

PV Ready Homes

The Aircal R290&R134a water heater series all have PV READY function,this means that it meets certain characteristics and requirements that will facilitate the installation of a solar energy system and optimize it for maximum solar electricity production. 

Energy Saving

Lower heating and cooling costs while staying comfortable with a heat pump water heater.

Aircal sanitary hot water heat pump is one of the most economical systems to heat the water for domestic hot water. Using free renewable energy from the air , the all in one heat pump is highly efficient with low running costs for all day.

Higher water temperature output up to 70℃

Aircal heat pump water heater enable domestic hot water requirement in a large amount.

Feel the difference in your home comfort with an aircal heat pump.R290 Higher water temperature heat pump.png

Conveninet control panel with simple key operation

Intelligent remote controller available ,

can displays error code when problems accured , easy for maintenance.

control panel with simple heat pump.png

Top Part OEM/ODM

Aircal offer heat pump top part OEM/ODM for your own All In One heat pump assembled at local market. It can largely save your shipping cost.

Top Part OEMODM heater pump.png

Water Tank Inside

Variable water tank material such as 304,316 stanless steel, strong corrosion resistance 2205 duplex steel, and enamel for small size tank. High density foam with good insulation can effectively lock the heat.


Beside tradition R134a refrigerant gas, Aircal also develop new R290 gas all in one heat pump, most energy-saving and environment-friendly . Water cycle with dual pipes inside the top part but not in the water tank, much easier for repair than traditional R134a DHW heat pump.

Aircal heat pump delivers maximum comfort  to your whole family

There are 100L wall mounted, 200L, 300L and 500L, which are able to meet water requirement from small apartment of 2 persons to a large amount of water demand upto 10 persons.

large amount of water demand.png

Scenes To Be Used

Free standing compact design, easy for installation and save space, can be installed in the balcony, garage, equipment room, storage room, cabinets, etc.

working principle

Aircal All in One heat pump are designed in compact structure with good quality components preassembled, all parts are convenient to reach for maintenance. 

High-technology rotational compressor allows higher energy efficiency and better coefficient of performance, Aircal heat pump efficiency can be upto 3 to 4 times more than conventional gas boiler or electrical heater.

DHW tank disinfection

By heating the water in the system to 70°C, the high temperature kills most bacteria (including Legionella).

DHW tank disinfection.png

Model Noble Air +100L   /  100Ls Noble Air +200L   /  200Ls Noble Air +300L   /  300Ls
Ambient Temperature:(DB/WB) 20℃/15℃;Water Temperature from 15℃ to 55℃
Rated Heating Capacity KW 0.9* (+1.5**)
1.51* (+1.5**) 1.51* (+1.5**)
Consumen Power KW 0.223 0.375 0.377
COP 2.90 3.26 3.53
Hot Water Volume L/h 20 32 32
Operation Range   -20~60,HP:-5~43
Max.Outlet Water Temp   70
Max. Power Input KW 2.0 2.05 2.05
Max. Running Current A 8.6 9.09 9.09
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 220-240V / ~ /50Hz
Wi-Fi Function WI-FI
Electric Heating KW 1.5 1.5 1.5
Noise dB(A) 45 52 52
Gas Control
  Electronic expansion valve
Refrigerant   R290
  Microchanel heat exchanger
  Auto defrost with 4 way valve
Water Tank Type   Enamel
Net weight KG 65 107 107
Net Dimensions mm 520*1368 560*1755 640*1985

Aircal also offer OEM/ODM design for your own brand of All in one heat pump water heater.

Heat pump water heater are excellent energy-saving solutions of residence, more energy saving than conventional gas boiler or electrical heater. Contact us now.customization available hot water heat pump.pngCertifications

The water heater has attained CE and Erp Certifications.





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