Indoor swimming pools should be cleaned like this

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  • Date:2022/05/16

A swimming pool is a place where people engage in swimming, where people can move or compete. Most swimming pools are built on the ground and can be divided into general swimming pools and heated swimming pools according to the water temperature. Swimming pool special place for swimming. Due to the large flow of people in the swimming pool, keeping the swimming pool clean, clean and healthy is responsible for the performance of the swimmers


Professional indoor swimming pool cleaning should be done in steps:


  • A: algae killing and algae suppression, this is the first step of swimming pool purification, and it is also the basic step. The algaecide is generally copper sulfate, and copper ions are heavy metal ions, which can combine with magnesium ions, sodium ions, etc., in the synthesis of chloroplasts of algae plants faster, and replace magnesium and sodium ions. Lead to chloroplast heavy metal poisoning, loss of photosynthesis. cause the algae to die. Under normal circumstances, it is appropriate to put 2~3KG per 1000 cubic meters of water, and it is enough to put it twice a month. In special cases, it will be doubled depending on the situation. Do not put other chemicals 12 hours before and after the copper sulfate algaecide is put in
  • B: sterilization and disinfection of swimming pool water, this is an important step in swimming pool purification, and it is also a major point for swimmers to consider. Disinfection and sterilization limit the growth of microorganisms, which is the real swimming pool purification. Sterilizers and disinfectants mainly include: chlorine-containing disinfectant tablets, or safe and stable compound disinfectants
  • C: adjust the pH. The state stipulates that the pH value of the swimming pool is 7.0-7.8, and the comfort range is 7.4-7.6. This range is not only beneficial to swimmers, but also to the effect of swimming pool disinfection. Then PH regulators include PH increaser and PH reducer respectively, and the specific situation can be judged by yourself.
  • D: Put in a water purifier. Many people say that swimming pool flocculation is the first thing that comes to mind when purifying a swimming pool. Visually speaking, only after the water purifier is put in, it is the real swimming pool purification that the pool sundries are sucked away, so it is said that putting water purifier is the main step of swimming pool purification.


Indoor swimming pool cleaning methods and cycles


  • 1: Cleaning cycle: Indoor swimming pools should clean the bottom of the pool before opening every day

  • 2: Cleaning method:
  • -1: After the business is closed in the evening, use a long brush to thoroughly scrub the bottom and walls of the pool
  • -2: Put a certain amount of precipitant
  • -3: Adjust the vacuum pump before the next day's business
  • -4: Connect the vacuum head with a telescopic rod to vacuum
  • -5: After the bottom of the pool is vacuumed, use a hose to drag the dirt on the surface of the pool to the pool for post-processing
  • -6: Add disinfectant after vacuuming, keep the disinfectant at 0.3-0.5mg/L





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