Air Source Heat Pump Common Problems

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  • Date:2022/02/23

Air source heat pump common problems


Common fault 1: poor heating effect

Analysis of the problem: 

The original problems caused by the renovation are: 

1. Insufficient heat preservation effect of the water system;

2. Lack of refrigerant; 

3. Poor heat dissipation of the exchanger;

4. Insufficient water flow.

Problem-solving: check whether the water tank insulation meets the specified requirements; check the refrigerant, add a refrigerator; clean or replace the heat exchanger; increase the water volume of the water system.


Common fault 2: the heat pump unit does not run

Problem analysis: 

1. Part of the power supply is short-circuited or not connected;

2. The fuse of the unit control power supply is blown.

Troubleshooting: Disconnect the power switch, check the power connection status of each device; replace the new fuse.


Common fault 3: the pump is not running normally

Failure analysis: 

1. The water system is short of water; the water system is short of water; 

2. The valves of the water system are not fully opened; 

3. The water filter is dirty and blocked.

Troubleshooting: Check the system water supply device and supply water to the system; fully open the water system valve; clean the water filter.


Common fault 4: the compressor stops working

Cause analysis: 

1. Power failure; 

2. Compressor overheating protection; 

3. Excessive water temperature; 

4. Insufficient water flow.

Troubleshooting: Check whether the power connection status of the compressor is normal; the compressor may be overloaded and temporarily stop working due to the high water temperature originally set, and the water temperature should be reset; clean the water filter to remove the air in the system.


Common fault 5: the fan does not run

Cause analysis: 

1. The fan motor is burned out;

2. The fan gear is stuck.

Treatment measures: replace the fan; replace the fan capacitor. Clean all foreign objects inside the fan.






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