Split Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater for Home Heating Cooling DHW

The Indoor unit can be installed in Kitchen, Bathroom or basement, ensuring less energy loss. It can also prevent water pipes from freezing in cold winter and sun exposure in summer.
Full DC inverter Technology.
High efficiency class A+++
Smart 5 inch Control Panel with Wifi Mobile app
Highly efficient
Environmental friendly
Comfortable low noise
Advanced Technology
Quality-guaranteed Components

Smart Grid & PV Ready

SG ready and PV ready, the cost of use is reduced, and it meets the requirements of local policies.Power consumption of the system can be automatically adjusted according to the peak and valley power to reduce the power consumption to the greatest extent. PV ready, connect to solar power at home to realize solar power supply and reduce usage costs.

Smart Grid & PV ready.png

R32&R290 Intelligent Display Control

R32&R290 heat pumps utilize an intelligent LCD display with high definition interface which users can red and control very easily.

Moreover,Smart APP control brings a lot of convenience to users.

A+++ Energy Level

Aircal King Heat Series has gained A+++ EU energy label. Highly efficiency

A+++ heat pump.png

Full DC Inverter Technology

Full DC inverter Mitsubishi compressor and DC inverter brushless motor. With this technology, users can enjoy a maximum level of comfort with the lowest costs

Full DC Inverter Technology.jpg

Intelligent Water Temperature Adjustment

The unique control logic enables users to adjust the outlet water temperature intelligently, Feel the difference in your home comfort with an aircal heat pump.

Water Temperature Adjustment.jpg

Noise Reduction Technology

Adopts multiple noise reduction technologies, every product has been repeatedly tested and optimized.

Low Noise  Multifunctional DC heat pump.png

Stable Running at -20℃ Ambient Temperature

Thanks to the unique Inverter technology, can operate efficiently at -15°C, maintain high COP and reliable stability.

IOT Web Platform Heat Pump

The fault report button creates a direct error report channel to the local service provider. When an error is reported, the service provider can notice the error information of the target house heating heat pump from the background system.The main functions of this platform include: centralized monitoring/visual management/intelligent linkage/fault alarm/report analysis/operation and maintenance management, etc.

Split DC Heat Pump
Model: 4DC-R454C 6DC-R454C 9DC-R454C 12DC-R454C
[Space Heating] Ambient Temp. (DB/WB): 7°C/6°C, Water Temp. (Inlet/Outlet): 30°C/35°C.
Heating Capacity (kW) 4.1 6.50 9.15 11.65
Power Input (kW) 0.89 1.38 2.07 2.70
COP 4.61 4.71 4.43 4.31
[Space Heating] Ambient Temp. (DB/WB): 7°C/6°C, Water Temp. (Inlet/Outlet): 47°C/55°C.
Heating Capacity (kW) 3.37 5.40 7.60 9.80
Power Input (kW) 1.10 1.80 2.55 3.38
COP 3.06 3.00 2.98 2.90
[Space Cooling] Ambient Temp. (DB/WB): 35°C /-, Water Temp. (Inlet/Outlet): 12°C/7°C.
Cooling Capacity (kW) 5.06 5.06 6.72 9.25
Power Input (kW) 1.94 1.94 2.66 3.58
EER 2.61 2.61 2.53 2.58
[Space Cooling] Ambient Temp. (DB/WB): 35°C /-, Water Temp. (Inlet/Outlet): 23°C/18°C.
Heating Capacity (kW) 6.13 6.13 8.81 10.78
Power Input (kW) 1.59 1.59 2.48 3.17
COP 3.86 3.86 3.55 3.40
Max. Power Input (kW) 2.76 2.76 15.00 17.00
Water temperature setting range Cooling mode(°C) 7~25
Heating mode(°C) 25~70
DHW mode(°C) 25~70
Outdoor air temperature range Cooling mode(°C) 10~45
Heating /DHW mode(°C) -20~45
Power Supply 220-240V~ /50Hz
Compressor Brand Panasonic/Rotary
ErP Level (35°C) A+++
Display Colored Touch Screen
Wi-Fi Function Optional
Refrigerant R454C
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) at 1m 48 50 50 52





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