R32/R290 Air to Water Hydronic Heat Pump with Hydrobox

The Hydrobox can be connected to underfloor, fan coils and radiators to provide a whole home central heating solution.

For users wanting potable hot water, the Hydrobox can be connected to a third party coiled cylinder.


  1. Self-contained unit, only requiring water and electric connections
  2. Single phase power supply with a low starting current
  3. Low maintenance and quiet operation

Hydrobox heater pumps.png


  • Auxiliary Heat Source Control Function


With its intelligent control system, the NEWNTIDE heat pump can maximize precise cooperation with the existing auxiliary heat sources, such as gas boilers, electric heaters, etc., to ensure efficient and stable operation of each other.

smart home heat pumps.png


  • PV Ready and SG Ready


When the electricity price is high, the heat pump runs as energy-saving as possible on the premise of ensuring the normal heating demand of the user. When electricity price is low, or even free (for example, from solar photovoltaic panels), the heat pump will use as much electric energy as possible. 

smart control heater pumps.png


  • Multiple modes


To better meet the different heating needs, the heat pump provides a variety of modes for users to select: a. Cooling, b. Heating, c. OTC, d. DHW Hot Water

heating and cooling heat pump.png


  • Sterilization Function


By controlling the electric heater in the water tank, the temperature of the domestic hot water tank is heated  to a higher temperature to kill the bacteria in it and protect the health of the user.

high-temperature sterilization heat pump.png


  • User-friendly Operation Interface


The heat pump adopts an intelligent color screen wire controller, which allows users to operate all functions conveniently without the guidance of a professional installation and maintenance team.

smart control pumps.png

Tank disinfection
By heating the water in the system to 70°C, the high temperature kills most bacteria.
DHW tank disinfection.png
Smart Home Heat Pump
Hydrobox system can communicate with heat pump unit to realize smart home control.
Hydrobox Smart Home Heat Pump.png
Component integration design
Hydrobox integrates water pump, valve, safety element, electric heater and other components. Compared with the traditional complex and cumbersome pipeline system design, its installation area is small.
Hydrobox structure.png
Hydrobox for R32/R290 Heat Pump
Model: R32 King Heat 6kw King Heat 9kw King Heat 12kw King Heat 18kw
R290 Master Heat 6kw Master Heat 9kw Master Heat 12kw Master Heat 18kw
Electric three-way valve Included
Electric Heater Included
Expansion Tank Included
Circulation Pump Included
Water Pressure Gauge Included
Automatic Air Valve Included
Pressure Relief Valve
Flow Counter
Indoor Unit Net Dimensions(L/W/H)
mm 650/530/262 650/530/262 650/530/262 650/530/262
Indoor Unit Package Dimensions(L/W/H) mm 720/585/315 720/585/315 720/585/315 720/585/315
Indoor Unit Net Weight kg 30 30 32 33
Indoor Unit Gross Weight
kg 33 33 35 36

Intelligent Display Control Demo Video

Heat pump water heater are excellent energy-saving solutions of residence, more energy saving than conventional gas boiler or electrical heater.



ROSH/SVCH certification

ROSH certification is an essential customs clearance requirement for the European Union, while SVHC&REACH certification, which is a mandatory requirement, continuously enhances environmental awareness.

What is a heat pump and how does it work?

A heat pump uses electricity to provide both heating and cooling to a building. These appliances are efficient at transferring heat from one place to another, depending on where it's needed. ​In the winter, a heat pump provides heating by extracting heat from outside a building and moving it inside.


What is the main disadvantage of a heat pump?

It's expensive to install a heat pump

They cost considerably more than a gas installation. Nevertheless, grants are available to reduce the purchasing cost, which is not the case with gas installations. However, even with such grants, the heat pump is still at least 20% more expensive.


Is heat pump better than AC?

Heat pumps are more energy efficient since they pump out more cool and warm air by volume than the energy it takes to run them. Heat pumps require minimal upkeep and only require twice-a-year maintenance.


What is the major problem of heat pump?

Leaking refrigerant is one of the most common causes of heat pump problems. Your heat pump uses this liquid chemical to cool and heat air. As your heat pump's refrigerant supply slowly dwindles, it will struggle to meet the setting on your thermostat, causing it to run longer.


Why heat pumps are the best?

Heat pumps are more efficient than other heating systems because the amount of heat they produce is more than the amount of electricity they use. The amount of heat produced for every unit of electricity used is known as the Coefficient of Performance (CoP).


How long do heat pumps last?

15 years

The life expectancy of a heat pump depends on several factors, such as the type of heat pump, your location, and how well the heat pump is maintained. Heat pumps normally last an average of 15 years, though some can wear out after a decade.





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